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Yes there are a couple of churches that have been started in Denmark that are associated with Paul Washer. I don't know if they are close to Copenhagen, but you could check it out on the web.
Also I cannot vouce anything for them, but at least we know Paul Washer is sound, so they should at least be solid.


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Brothers and Yana, I posted the recommendation just by Googling evangelical churches in Copenhagen. I didn't read beyond the front page of their website. After I posted I thought to myself, "That church might be a little crazy for all I know." I actually then searched for any home based fellowships there but found none. I was at a late lunch with my wife and daughter and didn't do due diligence. That's my fault. Given the deep history of Calvinism in Denmark and the fact that I would never recommend it I didn't do what I should have. If that church is "crazymatic" as in Bethel, etc., I wince in embarrassment. So, please accept my apologies Yana and I promise to quit trying to find churches for people halfway around the world that I know nothing about. I feel like a kid who had a loaded gun. Again, I am really sorry.


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No problem, brother. Really, don't be too hard on yourself.

By the way, I would like to thank you folks for setting me on the Paul Washer trail! I got in contact with a brother whi has a Christian blog, where he's written a bit about Paul and his ministry in Denmark. I asked him to recommend some churches, and there is one (not too far away) that seems very promising. They get together more than once a week, do prayer and Bible studies, and I found nothing worrying on their site. I'm hoping that it might be a good place and I'll go there next time they have a meeting. Feeling hopeful.

Again, thanks for all the help and encouragement, you guys.


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