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My wife did pretty strict Paleo (and I did by default but not as strict) and it really worked well and unlike a lot of diets we really didn't feel hungry.

I must say however that the time i lost the most weight was when I ate a whole lot less. we were doing a 40 day revolution with the youth group we volunteered with and I fasted two meals a day for that time period. It's almost easier for me to just not eat than to try to stick to a certain type of diet (at least for the purpose of losing weight). I know that that is not the preferred way to lose weight but it is easier for me.


 2016/8/13 20:58Profile

 Re: Julius

Thanks! Yes the Lord is good. He has been leading me in what I am doing to heal my body after years of getting nowhere with it and no medical help. I was a difficult case due to mercury poisoning when young, with hypothyroidism since then.

Some with Hashimotos have to just give up gluten and dairy for their thyroid antibodies to go down until they reach remission but others must quit all grains and often, adopt the autoimmune paleo diet like the Dr Terry Wahl's one (she cured her MS) which is much stricter than plain paleo. But all patients with Hashi's will have leaky gut which means that they should quit gluten.

In fact many think that everyone should quit it as it is harmful to all these days because we all have leaky gut to a certain extent due to toxins, GMO's, medications etc as you say.

Yes often Lyme Disease causes Hashi's and other autoimmune conditions (I have 5 now). Lyme is often misdiagnosed, and like with me when it comes to treat it, you are too sick for any meds including antibiotics.

Good call to tell people to get tested if they are hypo but tests like Western Blot and Igenex are often unreliable (you known your stuff!). It should be primarily clinically diagnosed but a short course of doxycycline, a rife device which is what I use, or a herbal microbial like Samento, will trigger a Herxheimer (detox symptoms) reaction if Lyme is present.

I am now on what is known as the epi- paleo diet, which is high in fish so more omega 3 than just a grass fed meat diet.

It has been found that our diet directly affects the way our genetic defects are expressed, and switches them off. So any damage to the DNA, or inherited conditions, can be corrected.

 2016/8/14 7:14



Great info. You are right that people need to find a doctor that can treat them clinically, but the Igenix and WB blood tests will at least show bands (IGG, IGM). I am looking forward to replying but have to catch a plane for the East coast for a week (business) and then fly to Ohio to relieve my sister who will be taking care of my mother this upcoming week. My mother's residence was struck by lightning and burned down yesterday. What she did not lose from the fire she lost from the water from the fire trucks. Two weeks from now, by brother and sister-in-law who live in Ohio will be back from their son's wedding in California.

Will talk soon,

 2016/8/14 10:33


Oh wow Julius,
Sorry to hear that about your mom's home. Is she physically/personally?

 2016/8/14 10:46

 Re: Julius

I am sorry to hear about your mother and will pray for her.

It is the diagnosis which can be made clinically. The trouble with any Lyme testing is false negatives and especially with newly acquired infections.

You can alternatively have a sample of blood looked at through a dark field microscope where you will see the spirochettes if they are present.

The NHS will only allow about two weeks of antibiotic treatment which they say is sufficient, no matter what tests say, not sure how long they will treat in the US, but it never is, some taking them for 5 years of more and still infectious. Also doctors treating Lyme apart from the guidelines must take care or they will lose their licences.

A lot buy their own antibiotics. It's best prevented.

 2016/8/14 11:05


Hi Jeff,

She is fine physically (but very distraught) and at my brother's house. Appreciate prayers for her salvation.

 2016/8/14 11:20


Understood & Definitely.
God Bless,

 2016/8/14 13:09

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