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We trust science for many things we do not even think about but when it comes to dating we say it is 90% wrong. That's what I have a hard time accepting especially when it comes the cosmology,

Believing unproven theories and extrapolations is not "trusting science", it is more like religion. (I do not mean christian because for that I have spiritual proof)
According to the definition, science is:
the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.
Trusting science is trusting my own observations, reasoning and common sense. Much like what a jury does when a court case is presented. They don't believe anything without proof, and they have to think logically when judging how trustable the word of a witness is.
The movie 12 angry men is a good example of how easily we can believe things that are not proven.

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 2016/8/11 9:55


I guess the same could be said for very old trees.

Trees are not ice, and up to 1000 years are not 250000 years. My logic tells me that what may be true for the trees is not necessarily true for the ice. It might be so, but it is not sufficiently poven to me.

 2016/8/11 11:23

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 Re: Very interesting points

Frank and Tozsu make some interesting points and insightful observations.

~ Forrest

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