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The first thing any genuine Christian should have done/do is to pray for Israel's salvation through their messiah Jesus .
Everything else is a byproduct.

 2016/8/8 15:59


But so is mine:

Those German youth who closed their blinds where raised in a German society, & yes, even a German Protestant church theological atmosphere where those Jews out there were just receiving God's judgement of their eternal curse & casting off (words Jesus spoke at times specifically to the Pharisees get wrongly applied to the entire Jewish race for all times) at the hands of the Nazi's, & according to the Replacement Theology/ Supercessationists & such, this was good & should be done. So no wonder they closed the blinds. But when you get to the Ten Boom's or Bonnheiffer, they didn't have that theology & their actions also followed suit. Jesus in the Gospel's, in the immediate context discussing False Teachers and False Teaching, said you will recognize a tree by its fruit. What it produces. What fruit has Replacement Theology/Supercessationism produced historically? It's a lot more than just WW2. Naziism wasn't a "one off oddity". The pogroms, the constant persecutions and expulsions & genocides, the infatadas, etc. But what about those who didn't hold to this theology and took God's Word seriously? They hid them in the walls. They reached out to them. They shared the Gospel with them not from a place of replacement arrogance, but of humility, compassion & eager expectation of the fulfillment of these prophecies!
Yes, the best thing we can do is pray for Isael's salvation & preach the Gospel (and/or support that mission) to the Jews. But you won't be able to do this effectively if you are ignorant or in arrogance of the entire history of what people have done to Jews for centuries in Jesus' name, both catholic & Protestant. It's a heart issue first. A theological issue second. Then an orthopraxy (practice & speech) will flow out from there.

 2016/8/8 16:17


And FYI - If you watch the film & decide to purchase it (DVD or Vimeo's special edition - helps funds the future films in the series), the Extras are really good question and answer interviews with Joel Richardson, Micahel Brown, Scott Volk, Barry Horner, Dalton Thomas, etc. Good stuff. Really good stuff.

 2016/8/8 16:21


Some "christians" are willingly ignorant of the Jews and Israel's history and God's eternal and unchanging plan for them.
They have within them an ingrained predisposition (from satan) to hate the Jewish nation. Met many myself and seen them here, And unless God brings repentance and illuminates the heart though his Word nothing gonna change,

 2016/8/8 16:31


I don't disagree there are some like that (I already discerned such & then the Lord even confirmed such by a dream to me), but some are just plain ignorant (in the purest form of the word by definition - "having a lack of knowledge") of this. My heart is that those who are just ignorant of these things and have read & bought the wrong theology of the NT Wright's, Phillip Mauro's, Stephen Sizer's etc. of the world would have an open heart to see the Lord's heart (& Word) on this matter & reject their arrogance & bad theology. My heart, as in all things where we walk in darkness on a matter, is that we all repent and get in line with the heart, Word & Spirit of God on the matter. And my heart is that I stay humble while people still disagree with my position, but hopefully not my disposition. 😊

 2016/8/8 17:19

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Rev- could you explain what you mean when you say "hate?" I personally don't know any Christians who hate the Jewish people or who say they hate them. They may not feel a special place in their heart for them, but perhaps that is what you mean.

Jeff- I understand where you are coming from and you are probably correct.

But I guarantee you that very few evangelicals in America know anything about "replacement theology" and most probably are still rather apathetic about Israel. Oh, they say they care about Israel and the Jewish people but it is an apathetic sort of caring.

Rev indicated we should be praying, which I certainly agree with, but I also asked what else Christians should be doing so as not to be deemed haters of Israel.


 2016/8/8 17:33Profile



My sarcastic self is threatening to kick in so therefore I will just leave some
synonyms for the word hate that can be applied in the attitude towards Jewish people. Unfortunately it includes "christians" as well as the usual suspects.

hatred, loathing, detestation, dislike, distaste, abhorrence, abomination, execration, aversion; hostility, enmity, animosity, antipathy, revulsion, disgust, contempt, odium

The number one reason for this satanic hatred is that the messiah and the Word of God came through them. And God is still in the process of fulfilling his ultimate purpose for them .

If there were no Jews there would be no possible way for the fulfilment of God's promises to them. And no second coming of Jesus. It's not going happen like they think

 2016/8/8 18:34


Thank you Rev for taking the right road & not letting your "sarcastic self kick in". 😉👍
God Bless,

 2016/8/8 18:41


Jeff. Your encouragement to Neil to be a little
nicer had a rebound affect on me!

 2016/8/8 19:04


Praise God! 😉👍🙏🏻☝️💪🏻

 2016/8/8 19:42

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