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 Moroccan Christians Risk Persecution with YouTube Testimonies

In a new series of YouTube podcasts, Moroccan Christians are stepping out of the shadows, showing their faces, and telling their stories. Speaking to their countrymen, they proclaim themselves “Moroccan and Christian.”

The public testimonies counter the common view that to be Moroccan is to be Muslim and that all Christians living in Morocco are foreigners, not natives. The small religious minority faces community and government persecution.

In one video, a woman named Iman says her husband’s relatives assumed she was foreign-born because they knew she was a Christian, according to Moroccan World News (MWN). ...

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 Re: Moroccan Christians Risk Persecution with YouTube Testimonies

I heard that Morocco was very closed to the gospel, I was perplexed when someone told me you can not get in to Morocco with your own bible. If you preach the gospel they will arrest you. Then I started to search on youtube and I saw that there are christian there but they take risk. Even in Wikipedia there are churches's websites there but I think they have no freedom like we have in Americas. I would like to go to serve those christian, I would like to preach the gospel to muslims.
May the gospel be preached all world so Jesus can came sooner. In Mogolia only 2% of the population is christian!

Keylla Amaral

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