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 Letter of testimony regarding ministry to the pagans

this is a letter I wrote to my brother who underwrote a ministry of Bible giveaway in the midst of a pagan bacchanal called "Topanga Days" this Memorial Day weekend:

My dear brother Mark,
I want to give you a testimony of what happened at Topanga Days. I want to pray right now, and Thank God that you were a faithful servant and provided the resource so that I could purchase the $400 of Bibles, and Gospel portions that were available to curious sinners, and to edify the few saints that stopped by my little table. My prayer is that God fill you with a double portion of His Holy Spirit and to thank Him that you and i are partners in this wonderful Gospel, this great Provision that is available for the relief of burdened sinners. Praise God with me!! I also want to pray healing on your mother Barbie, Mother Mimi joins with me in praying for healing on your mother, and we believe on and thank Jesus for the healing that will take place.

So many good good things in the Lord happened over the three days of Topanga Days, but several incidents stick out and I wanna share them with you.

There was the first day Saturday, and a dear little girl walks up to my table, which was in shade cover that I was sharing with the Topanga Chamber of Commerce. I had a sign that said "Free Books". The lil girl scrunches up her brow and asks, "free?" ....."yes" I replied.

"are you sure?"

"Absolutely", I countered.

She said, "then I'm going to take one of each", and she took a harmony of the Four Gospels called "All About Jesus", she took a full Bible, she took all four volumnes of "Ancient Wisdom", one book covers Proverbs, another Ecclesiastes, another Job, and the forth, The sayings of Jesus, she took an audio CD of the Gospel of John, she took a childrens alphabet Bible called "Who Am I".....and much much more. I helped her put it in a bag, she looked straight at me and said,

"And I'm going to read it all".

and this precious little girl meant it.

as she walked away the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, "This life will be changed, this little one will walk from darkness into light".

I almost started crying because hundreds more children were just walking by, walking and not even looking...hundreds of adults, many pagans. But a few stopped by, the number that God wanted to stop by and take Literature.

Another older man, maybe 50, asked me, "Free? really?"

I said "yes, my brother".....

He said, "Pick me out what you think I should read"

So I picked him out the All about Jesus harmony, a full Bible, an audio Book of John, and a post-modern Gospel presentation called "Sacred Books"

he said, "good, I WILL read it all, coz I need something in my life, I've got to get right".

I looked him deep in the eye, and said, "it was no accident you stopped by this table".

He said, "I know, I feel something will happen, I feel something important is in this bag".

God spoke to me and said to me, "This one too will pass into the Light".

Praise His glorious Name!!

This morning as I went to the festival, God spoke to me, in my heaviness of Spirit and said, "They (meaning most people) do not have ears to listen".

and then God revealed to me what He meant when Elijah complained that he was the only one left, and God said, 'no, I have saved 7,000 who have not bowed to Baal'......

there are NOT going to be a lot who are saved, who are going to be walking with so many will be lost.

Let us praise Him for those who are shown mercy and given ears to hear.

Lets praise Him when He uses us to save these from the fire.

Your fellow slave in Christ Jesus,

 2005/5/31 0:13

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Santa Clara, CA

 Re: Letter of testimony regarding ministry to the pagans

Brother, thank you.

Thanks for sharing this with us, it made the hair standup on the old arms there. Just wonderful brother, wonderful...

How did the rest of it go? Curious, recalling all that led up to it.

Great stuff brother, Praise God!

Mike Balog

 2005/5/31 0:42Profile

 Bro Mikey

There is so so many little moments in Christ that happened in this fair, I can't even catalogue them....much much blessing in my dialogues with the various members of the Chamber of Commerce, who did their shift at the chambers table.

Most chamber of commerce members in this canyon don't even know one born again believer, and I was able to be real with them, and loving with them as they saw me interact with the few saints that live in Topanga, who stopped by at my table, to fellowship and pray.

we were few in number, but we were mighty in the Spirit.

what led to the ministry was my initial desire to have a [b]Prayer Tent[/b]

but this was not to be. I was ready to rent some real space, rent a real Beduoin tent for that "1st century feel" (lol) put in rugs, pillows, candles and incense and have a real prayer haven.

BUT as you remember there is a gatekeeper of the enemy here in Topanga, a 'pyschic' and tarot card reader we shall "Nora", and she was in charge of booth rental and she said "no" I was persistent and she knew she had to give me some space among the non profits.....

check this out: I walked around a bit, when a brother spelled me, heres what I saw, the followers of some yogi whose name I forget, had a FULL tent, with rugs and carpets. Part of the reason she gave me that they wouldn't rent me space was that she said they don't rent to "religious" organizations......Nora herself had a full booth where she gave spiritist and tarot card readings, right next to her was the "Topanga Healing Arts Association", and right down from them were a pair of "new-age" adherents selling "Sacred Music" in the name of "Gaia Mama"......
(if I remember correctly doesnt Gaia Mama have a BUNCH of other names like ishtar, etc etc?)

what I really want to do is complain about this hyprocrisy, but Mother Mimi is giving me great Godly counsel by telling me to praise the Lord for what we were given for the Glory of God this Memorial day weekend....

much love to you Mikey,

your fellow doulos servant in Christ,

 2005/5/31 1:11

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 Re: Good Stuff

Neil, thanks for sharing this. I loved hearing this. Dian.

 2005/5/31 6:41Profile

 Re: Bro Mikey

I did, too!

And I think the Lord preserved His identity by preventing you from having a tent that would have looked just like the one you saw. Unbelievers would have more trouble discerning the difference in message.

Interesting that you referred to the little girl and the gentleman walking into the Light. That's where [i]you[/i] were, bro, right where people could see you easily, where you showed how Christians have nothing to hide.

 2005/5/31 20:17

Joined: 2004/4/5
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 Re: Letter of testimony regarding ministry to the pagans

This was very encouraging to me.
Thank-you for being faithful to our Lord and Saviour, and the lives you touched for His Kingdom.
God Bless you, abundantly,

 2005/6/1 16:16Profile

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