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 Re: Canadian Supreme Court Rules the Bible as Hate Language

I knew I had seen and read all of this. Didn't realize it had been 5 years though. Man I lose track of time!

 2016/8/6 20:51


Because its paper, it's on the books but no one cares. From years ago. A couple of churches ranted about it and the liberals ( your DNC) took it to court and got a law changed. But no one cares because no one preaches it. They don't preach anything that will risk a single dollar or offend a single member. It's all seeker sensitive, milky toast, feel good psychobabble. Other than the Penticostals it's rare to even see an alter call. And preach the blood? The paster would spend all day Monday on the phone with unhappy members.

Believe what you want and I can't make it any clearer than I have. In 25 years as a believer I cannot recal a single paster ( half of the ones in my city are friends of mine) ever saying the word Homosexual from the pulpit. And I have not heard of this issue in person, on the news or in the papers.

As for the gay agenda! Our Prime Minister and most mayors in the large cities walk in the gay parade wearing rainbow shirts, hats waving the flag. This year they flew the rainbow flag at our Parliment building. No one said a word or gave it a second thought. It's over they won.


 2016/8/6 20:54

 Re: Canadian Street Preacher Foubd Guilty of Quoting Liviticus


 2016/8/6 20:57

 Re: Narc

Bro I just posted some links to some articles where pastors have been arrested or fined for quoting the Bible regarding homosexuality.

I'm sure if you do some Googling you will find more cases up there in Canada.

From what I have read about your Canadian Prime Minister. Obama would be a conservative next to him. I'm sure that whatever hate laws are on the books in Canada will be strengthened and more will be added under his reign.

 2016/8/6 21:02


Brethrwn are more immediate concern is not whether our names are on an ISIS hit list. Our immediate concern is that the United States government is moving to silence the witness of believers in America. Our immediate concern is that the American church will soon be entering persecution. And our immediate concern is that we have to deal with taking up the cross of Jesus Christ to go through the fires of persecution. Our immediate concern is that we have to cultivate intimacy with the Holy Spirit in order to survive the times that we will be going through.

Donald Trump is not going to save you. The only one who will save you will be the Lord Jesus Christ. Thus we must cultivate intimacy with Him.

Thys let us flee Babylon and fkee to Jesus. Again let us flee Babylon and flee to Jesus

Simply my thoughts as I see things unfold pointing to the soon return of Jesus Christ.

 2016/8/6 21:11


Your missing the point, I have said you can get into trouble and a few have. But 99.99999% of Christians and pastors have never, will never or won't say anything about Homosexuals in church so the law is meaningless. Your five google hits aside. Lawn watering violations are a bigger news report up here. But I guess to a hammer everything looks like a nail.

I can't say it any clearer! It is a non issue up hear. Peace out.

Marc mc

 2016/8/6 21:13


I don't know if Joel was just talking to this pastor or also spoke in his church. I am quite sure Joel didn't preach a milk toast message. He preaches on the cross, martyrdom, laying down your life for the Gospel, Islam, missions, sin hell, repentance, faith & obedience - the Jesus Gospel. Anyways, some say "you guys are always crying wolf" or "to a hammer everything looks like a nail", but brother, respectfully in retrospective reverse, to one who is in a room with no lights on, even turning on the lights won't get them to open their eyes. I got a recent testimony, we got law issues, court cases, articles from Al Mohler citing actual cases & laws, etc. but the whole "nothing to see here folks, your eyes & ears deceive you" thing doesn't come across all the way as the full story. Sorry. I ain't looking for their to be false laws, false court cases & false testimonies from brothers I respect not to embellish or sensationalize these things. I'm just not going to stick my fingers in my ears when I do see them and say "I can't hear you, I can't hear you, I can't hear you" either. 😊

 2016/8/6 23:29


Jeff our Canadian brother might have been making reference to me. I was the one that posted the links to the various stories about about saints who were arrested or fined for quoting the Bible in the land of the maple leaf.

Canada is already ahead of the U.S. in that respect. I am not aware of any American Pastor who has been arrested or fined "yet" for preaching the Bible. But I am sure it will soon come.

Simply my thoughts bro.

 2016/8/7 10:01

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