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Just food for thought: in Revelation it speaks specifically of the martyrs who were beheadedfor their testimony in Jesus. Who is in the earth for the last 2,000 years whose actual "holy book" & doctrine (& practice) it is to behead believers? As much as I am aware of all of the evils of the Roman Catholic Church during the inquisition, one must admit that burning alive was clearly the preferred method if you will of such? Or, is there some illuminati, NWO, European or Russian practice of beheading Christians? No. Who is the only people whose primary doctrinally taught and practiced (by the tens and tens and tens of thousands) method of killing believers is by beheading: Islam. Not saying it may not change in the future, but it's going to have to come mysteriously and suddenly out of absolutely nowhere & institute mass beheadings in the whole earth to even begin to compare to the last 1,400 years of beheadings by Mohammed, his successors, his family, & his followers to this day. There are a thousand other scriptural reasons why this fits more precisely once you really dig in and relook at the scriptures & history without the echo chamber of modern prophecy guys from the popular echo chambers, but this is a short & quick one to consider.

Islam also hates and wants to slaughter the Jews & take Israel & especially Jerusalem, which is also not totally insignifigant.

 2016/8/5 22:38


Bearmaster wrote

"It is my understanding that already in Canada the Bible is considered a hate book. And pastors are being charged with hate crimes if they speak out that homosexuality is a sin."

I live in Canada so I can speak to this. While there have been a few cases of this it is not an issue. In order to get into hot water here you have to be the Westboro's down there.

Christianity is a joke in Canada, it's forgotten, kicked to the corner, considered naive and old fashioned.

Churches are just trying to keep the lights on. With few exceptions you don't have to bring a bible to church here it's more like a prop. It's a social club where parents talk about their kids schooling. Praise and Worship is vibrant and then everyone goes to sleep for the message.

Canada is the land of a thousand races and a million opinions, the government is laughed at, beer and the weekend are the prime objective and no one has any right to speak to anyone in a corrective, suggestive or factual manner. Personal opinion is considered as good as fact, no one knows or cares where we are or where we are going as a nation, no one cares about ISIS hit lists or anything serious for that matter, I can't understand half the people I encounter in my day to day and they become offended if you try to tell them and everyone has their face buried in their cell phone looking at who knows what for who knows why!

The upside is we hate guns and don't shoot each other, you don't have to lock your doors, everyone leaves everyone else alone, cops are respected, political campaigns are conducted by civilized human beings ( Trump is nearly dispised) and all the health care you will ever need is free for everyone.

BTW I would vote for Trump, like Europe we have a lot of what he is trying to stop. The multicultural Utopia will never work. We have lost our identity in Canada.

Marc mc

 2016/8/6 8:32

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 Re: what ISIS is doing here and now

I came across this this morning:

~ Forrest

 2016/8/6 10:39Profile


I heard Joel Richardson say just the other day that he sat with one of the largest mega church pastors in Canada recently. He said the guy said there are 4 journalists that come to every service & take notes. And if something is said that crosses a Canadian law line on what they are and aren't supposed to say under Canadian hate speech laws and what not, they know it will be in the papers the next day & lawsuits will follow. The pastor told Joel that we shouldn't think we are so far behind. That It could be just a single digit number of years away in the USA as well based on what they saw just prior to such laws there and what they see in the USA political/religious/supremes court/legal scene & horizon now. I don't live there, but this is what the pastor told Joel.
God Bless,

 2016/8/6 18:02


Here is a list of Canadian Mega Churches ( if you could call them that) a two second glance at the denominations reveals they are as harmless as the mouses that run around when the lights are off. Simply go to their websites and watch a few sermons for proof.

( i don't know anything about the Hartford research, I just used the link for the research numbers) most churches here have less that 200 sleepy saints.

I'm sure Joel is telling the truth but it is a more than isolated instance. And out side a local paper in that city no one cares. The non believers, Athiests and universities here have taken the most effective path at disqualifying the church and it's message, IGNORE IT.

There is no persecution for being a Christian here. Laughed at yes, You might be pushing a theory but I have never even heard the bible connected with hate speech until today.

Marc mc

 2016/8/6 19:36


Actually, I read the Canadian law that was passed on preaching homosexuality as a sin being pinned as Hate speech like 1+ years ago. I don't know about the list you sent. I will take Joel at his word. No reason to lie.
God Bless,

 2016/8/6 20:34


Our Canadian brothers and sisters may want to take a look at this article below.

Albert Mohler

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Americans have historically been pleased to have Canada as our northern neighbor. The border between the United States and Canada is often described as the world's longest and most peaceful--and visiting Americans find most of Canada pretty much like home, with just enough quaint differences to make a visit interesting.

All that is about to change, and some Americans are about ready to dig a moral moat alongside the border. Our basically peaceful northern neighbor has experienced a huge personality change, and not for the better. Liberal Canada is turning itself into radical Sweden.

On Tuesday, the Canadian House of Commons defeated a motion defining marriage "as the union of one man and one woman to the exclusion of all others." The margin of victory was small, but the bill failed just the same, and the media quickly claimed the vote as an endorsement of homosexual marriage. [see Washington Post]

An provincial appeals court in Ontario legalized gay marriage this past summer, ruling that denying homosexual couples the right to marry violated "the dignity of same-sex relationships." Hundreds of homosexual couples quickly took advantage of the ruling, and Prime Minister Jean Chretien chose not to appeal the court's ruling. The bill proposed by the Canadian Alliance party was the only hope of reversing the decision and prohibiting gay marriage. The bill's demise means that homosexual marriage will almost surely be legalized throughout the nation.

Cardinal Jean-Claude Turcotte, Archbishop of Montreal, condemned Parliament's action: "If marriage simply become a union of two persons who love each other, must we then permit marriage between a brother and a sister? Between a father and his daughter? Between a mother and her son?"

Conservative Protestants also sounded the alarm. The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada released a statement expressing disappointment in the vote and promising a vigorous debate on the issue in coming months. It may be too late.

Janey Epp Buckingham, the group's director of Law and Public Policy claimed that "millions of Canadians oppose the redefinition of marriage, and president Bruce Clemenger asserted that the marriage issue is really not about rights at all, but about legal definition and public policy. "If marriage is reduced to merely a contract between two people, its distinctiveness will be lost and it will be hard for the government to refuse including other types of relationships."

Tuesday's action in Parliament was bad enough, but the very next day the House of Commons moved to include homosexuals under hate crime provisions. Bill C-250 was sponsored by homosexual MP Svend Robinson, who told the media that his bill would "recognize that just as we say it's wrong to promote hatred or violence directed against racial or religious or ethnic minorities, so too, should we say its just as wrong to promote that hatred or violence directed at gay or lesbian people." [see Toronto Globe and Mail]

Others see the bill very differently--as an attempt to silence Christians by criminalizing anyone who quotes the Bible's passages against homosexuality. Brian Rushfeldt of the Canada Family Action Coalition explains that Canadians opposed to homosexual marriage "are already being accused of 'hate' speech by homosexual activists.... When C-250 is passed into law later this fall, the activists will begin to insist on prosecution to silence their critics with criminal sanctions." The bill now moves to the Senate and must eventually receive royal assent to become law. Both sides now expect the bill to become law by the end of the year.

Celebrating his legislative victory, MP Robinson declared, "I feel proud to be a Canadian." He has every reason to cheer, for the gay and lesbian agenda took unprecedented strides forward in the past week. He appears to be on the winning side.

All this may take their American neighbors by surprise. Many Americans are unaware of the fact that Canada's public life is radically secular when compared to the United States. Canada is pioneering a post-Christian culture, with liberal sexual mores and a hostility to Christian conviction.

In 1997, a Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission board of inquiry fined a Christian businessman $4,500 for running an advertisement in The Star Phoenix newspaper that simply listed four biblical passages that condemn homosexual behavior [Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13, Romans 1:26 and 1 Corinthians 6:9]. The ad did not even provide the actual text of the verses. Two stickmen holding hands were pictured in the advertisement, with the international negative symbol [a red circle bisected by a slash] over the figures. The board ruled that the symbols, when combined with the biblical citations, "would expose or tend to expose homosexuals to hatred or ridicule." According to this Canadian agency, the Bible is now hate speech.

Canada's Christians have plenty of reason to worry. Sweden has moved to make all anti-homosexual speech a criminal offense, including sermons or Bible readings that condemn homosexual behavior. Pastors can be fined and cited for unacceptable sermons. Canada's legal system is moving quickly in the same direction--and with the same arguments.

The whole idea of hate speech has a dubious basis in the law. Hate crime legislations set certain groups apart as deserving of special protections. Christians do not defend physical violence against anyone--homosexuals included, and call for the full prosecution of any who would resort to violence or asault. But to label certain forms of assault hate crimes assumes that the motivation to harm one person is more criminal than the motivation to harm another.

When hate crimes are extended to speech, the government sets itself up as a judge of what language or speech is legal or illegal. The logic of the legislation is clear--no criticism of homosexuality is allowable, whatever its form or basis. This would cover not only epithets thrown at homosexuals, but sermons in Christian pulpits against homosexual bahavior.

The move to silence the pulpit represents the ultimate aim of homosexual activists. In the end, the biblical condemnation of homosexual behavior is the great obstacle to the normalization of homosexuality and all other sexual "lifestyles." So long as a significant portion of the population claims allegience to the Bible, gay activists face an insurmountable obstacle to full acceptance of their sexuality.

If the pulpits can be silenced, and if the Bible can be set aside as a dangerous, hate-filled text, the path to full acceptance and normalization is wide open. Preaching and teaching against homosexuality simply cannot be allowed. Many fear that the Canadian legislation would make biblical preaching a crime.

Americans will watch our northern neighbor with increasing wariness and concern. Homosexual activists here would like to see similar legislation passed in the United States. In the meantime, Canadian Christians had better wake up. The Word of God is about to be labeled as hate speech--and telling the truth is about to become a crime.

 2016/8/6 20:35


I was just about to post that same article Bear! 😊 Albert Mohler is pretty well respected across the board too & the law is the law regardless of who you are or what you say or think is/isn't going on. Seems strange that I down here in the southwest knew about this for a long time, but Canadians aren't even aware of it?

*When I re-read the post, I just felt inclined to say that I didn't mean for that to come across badly if it did - FYI.

 2016/8/6 20:38

  Canadian Pastor Found Guilty of Hate Crime


 2016/8/6 20:44

  Canadian Supreme Court Rules the Bible as Hate Language

Subject: CULTURE NEWS: Supremes Rule Bible as 'Hate Speech' in Canada

 2016/8/6 20:48

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