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 Waiting is important

August 2
Silent Waiting

My soul waits in silence for God only; from Him is my salvation.
Psalm 62:1, NASB

You have made a very wise decision by taking time for daily devotions. The fact that you are reading Daily Awakenings and have involved yourself in the Bible guide indicates your desire to wait upon God. I find it so sad that people have time for everything but Jesus. We spend more time getting ready to meet man than we spend getting before God. The great writer, F. B. Meyer, was concerned over the inattention paid to waiting on God.

Life is so hurried. You do not take time enough for meditation and prayer. The Spirit of God within you and the Presence of God without you cannot be discerned while the senses are occupied with pleasures, or the brain is filled with the tread of many hurrying thoughts. It is when water stands that it becomes transparent and reveals the pebbly beach below. Be still, and know that God is within you and all around! In the hush of the soul the unseen becomes visible and the eternal real. The eye dazzled by the sun cannot detect the beauties of its pavilion till it has had time to rid itself of the glare. Let no day pass without its season of silent waiting before God.

It’s never too late to begin going after God. As long as we have breath in our nostrils, there is hope for our souls. If you have allowed the swirl of life to sling off your quiet time with God, then determine now to stop the ride, get off and go after God. He is waiting for you in silence.

Judges 16; Acts 20
Jeremiah 29; Mark 15

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If we are too busy for daily time with Jesus we are too busy!!
Being under Satans yoke Busy


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