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by twayneb on 2016/8/2 14:49:49

I will be very honest and say that I have never found a verse in scripture that says that we have a sin nature. I think the closest we can come is to say that we were born in sin. But one thing in scripture is very clear, and that is that our spirit was born again and made righteous at salvation. We are told clearly that we were crucified with Christ and that the old man is dead.

But, we do still have unregenerate flesh. Our spirit was born again, but our body and mind was not. And that body and mind still have lusts, cravings, desires, that are not according to the born again spirit. So we are told to put off concerning the old man many things and to put on concerning the new man other things. We are told to renew our minds and to put our lusts to death.

I believe if we find ourselves constantly battling what we believe to be the "old nature" we could possible be living after the flesh and strengthening the flesh with its lusts through what we are paying attention to and feeding ourselves.

As far as a duality of natures, I cannot find this anywhere in scripture. Rather, I find much that says the opposite.

Brenda: I am in firm agreement with you that Romans 7 is Paul talking about his struggle to keep the law of God through his own efforts and self-will before he was born again. But after he was born again, he walked in the power of the Holy Spirit and victory.

Amen, twayne and Brenda.

We are not schizophrenic having two masters indwell us. Spirit of God and spirit of the Evil one.

We have been delivered from the kindgom of darkness and from Satan's power.

We serve God or Satan and our character comes from one of them, we cannot standalone since we were created as derivative creatures: We derive our character from the O(one) that dwells in us.

 2016/8/2 16:06

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