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Bruceton TN

 Re: Conciliatory Muslims

I have been looking at Noah's ark. God allowed a pair of unclean on the ark and 7 pairs of clean. I know that he speaks of a remnant from the Arab world and rightly so for God is greater than we ever imagine. He came to save man.

I've wondered if the Ark held the clue. In the past there were always more unclean than clean in the world. But when the kingdom begins it's reign there will be more righteous than non in the millennium. Just a thought.

I used to think it was large animals that boarded the ark. probably not. Old people didn't go into the promised land either. I think there will be converts of all kind just like they boarded the ark.

Too long the Arabs have been suckered into fighting each other , using the old divide and conquer method, and used as patsies for some old rich stooge somewhere. I pray they be led to Christ.

James R Barnes

 2016/8/1 21:29Profile


Genesis 17:18

And Abraham said to God, “Oh that Ishmael might live before You!”

The above would certainly be a good one to pray for those Ishmaelites caught up in the darkness of Islam.

 2016/8/1 21:47


Genesis 16:13

Then she called the name of the Lord who spoke to her, “You are a God who sees”; for she said, “Have I even remained alive here after seeing Him?”

I believe Hagar was the only Old Testament saint who was allowed to name God. Certainly prophetic. It seems that God does have a heart for those of Ishmael. Let us pray that they will name the name of Jesus Christ.

Simply my thoughts.

 2016/8/1 21:52


Actually, she declared, "Thou God seest mine.". She was saying, "you God, see me". It was a revelation to her.

Gen 16:13 And she called the name of the LORD that spake unto her, Thou God seest me: for she said, Have I also here looked after him that seeth me?

Then they named the well, "Beerlahairol".
Beer-lahri-roi, That is, The well of him that liveth and seeth me.

Gen 16:14 Wherefore the well was called Beerlahairoi; behold, it is between Kadesh and Bered.

 2016/8/2 0:15


Amen Bear,
And in fact, some of the Global Catalytic teams are praying about possibly sending missionaries to Israel as the Lord wills. When I was in Israel, some of the most joyous, vibrant, zealous, & heavily persecuted believers I met were the ex-Muslim Arabs from West Bank, Gaza Strip, Nazereth, etc. And the ones there all said they studied the Word of God and came to see of God's love for the Jews & God called them with a divine love for the Jewish people who they themselves had previously hated. In fact, one lady named Ronia from Nazereth was a believing Arab from Nazereth (a real modern day Deborah of sorts in a place with no real established spirit filled born again believing Arab church close by) had been walking the city & praying for revival for like 2 years daily. She cried out and asked the Lord, "why Lord? Why aren't you answering my prayer and sending revival to save my people?" She said the Lord spoke to her and said, "you don't love my people." She said, "Lord what do you mean, of course I love your people!" And the Lord said, "no, you don't love my people, the Jews". She said it totally exposed her heart & the prejudices still lurking from her childhood, upbringing & culture." She repented & began praying for the Jews, for the salvation of those still lost, & began loving them & letting the Lord change her heart. And guess what happened? Yep. Revival. Among her people. I prayed with young Muslim background believing Arabs on fire for the Lord! God had blessed her as she blessed Israel & the Jewish people in prayer & intercession, internally in her heart allowing God to do a work, & reaching out with His love. And I actually saw many somewhat similar stories and testimonies. And when I told many of them (Messainic Jewish and Believing Muslim background Arabs alike) what a hold Replacement Theology had in the West, they were like, "really? How? Do they not read their Bibles?" - they hadn't been trained by the great secret knowledge theologians of the day. They just read their Bibles & believed the Word for what it says. Very interesting). Anyways, the Muslim Background Believers had the most impact on me probably. And seeing the "faceS of Islam" walking through the Muslim Quarter in the old city in Jerusalem during the last week of Ramadan praying (quietly before the Lord in my heart) had the most moving & profound impacts on me while there. And talking with the shop owners about me, them, our families & Jesus. And of course the young rabbi on the plane ride over to Israel (who also had 7 kids) & sharing how Jesus actually changed me from a criminal to who I am today. He kept saying it was good I reformed myself & I kept telling him I tried reforming myself and it never worked, but Jesus did the work when I believed in Him. I could tell it kinda bothered him, but he was open to talk & listen. I pray the Lord use that seed someday & bring him to himself, the Messiah, Yeshua, or in Greek, Jesus, the Christ! 😊

 2016/8/2 0:16

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Wow! Great testimony Jeff!

Worthy the Lamb that was slain! He has purchased us with His own blood!


 2016/8/2 1:52Profile


Amen. And there were many more similar ones.

You can look online at the similar testimony of David Davis & the Mt Carmel Assembly. A congregation of Messainic Jews, Arab Muslim background believers, etc. Davis was the first missionary Wilkerson ever sent out from Times Square Church & is still supported by TSC to this day. Wilkerson is on record saying he believes a big part of the Lord blessing TSC was their commitment to blessing Israel with the Gospel ("he who blesses you I will bless" & "to the Jew First" - First being the Greek word Proton as in not only chronology but generally overall a beginning priority). Although that may anger or annoy some, He believed in this principle strongly and you can see that on video on YouTube if you look up "David Wilkerson visits Mt Carmel Assembly". Men of old also believed this like Robert Murray Mcheyenne, Hudson Taylor (China inland mission), Charles Spurgeon, and countless respected others.

But I definitely think the sons of Ishmael are in the best position (geographically & just as far as impact with the history of the two people groups) to "stir the Jews to jealousy" & point them to the Messiah. When people go from blowing themselves up to kill Jews to loving Jews genuinely & crediting Jesus with this supernatural work, it is profoundly & especially effectual & powerful.

 2016/8/2 12:39

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