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Right! And to have faith & believe to be led in these things prophetically by the Spirit of God, not just by the letter/text only (lest we misapply where/when God isn't). And someone said something recently to me that really stuck concerning the leading of God in these things according to His will: God usually directs His will with red lights, not green lights. I can see evidence of this in my life. Not the "general will of God" applicable to all people through all times, but the prophetic (in the moment, in our generation, in our individual lives/callings) leading by the Spirir of God for us! You see this even in scripture. Paul, the greatest missionary of the apostles was out getting it done! Going. To the ends of the earth in the ancient known world. God redirected Him with a dream (a red light) AS HE WAS ALREADY GOING "no, don't go there...come over to Macedonia..." This is why the Word is paramount, but so is the Spirit of God alive prophetically now to direct our individual callings & the prophetic call I believe in our generation to use this window God has given to evangelize the Muslims. A people for 1,400 years mostly unreached, Unengaged, & closed off in closed lands in the 10/40 window. They are leaving there and coming to us. Lands that were closed for centuries have some open doors to go in and plow largely unplowed ground, etc. I think it was Henry Blackaby in his famous book about Experiencing God & His Fire something like, "find out what God is doing in the earth in your generation & dive in there with Him." Or something like that? I can see God's wisdom in that. For sure some have a specific calling different than that, but many assume their calling is to just be internet theologians when it isn't or are waiting for green lights & stars to fall from heaven before them with writing in the sky, when God is waiting for open & humble hearts dependent on Him & willing to do whatever He asks when He speaks. And is preparing many I believe in secret places even now. I love to see Muslims coming to Christ. The most persecuting & feared people on earth, when they meet Jesus & convert (at tremendous counting of cost upfront), often tend to be some of the most radically devout & fearless followers of Jesus! Kinda sounds like the apostle Paul's testimony if you asked me (& many are in fact having Soveriegn Damascus road type experiences from God Himself bringing them in too).

 2016/8/1 14:30


In some respects the article is encouraging. However we need to recognize that Muslims need to hear the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Right now more Muslims are coming to Christ then at any other time of redemptive history. God is bringing the diaspora to our front door. Even to our nation. The question is will the American and western church respond to the challenge?

Simply my thoughts.

 2016/8/1 17:59

 News from Europe

I was driving today and turned on Dr. Michael Brown's radio show.

Wow! was I delighted to hear this news. And you will too!!!He was interviewing Walter Heidenreich of Germany who was sharing the good news of what God is doing in Europe among the Muslim refugees.

Here is a link to the radio broadcast today, August 1.

Heidenreich also said that the media will never tell you these things! And he said that prime minister Merckel is a Christian who has encouraged believers to share the gospel!!! Wow I was smiling wide. 😀 Thank you Lord!


 2016/8/1 18:41

 Re: News from Europe

Leslie I was aware of that European churches were sharing the gospel with Muslims. But I was certainly surprised to hear that Prime Minister Angela Merkel of Germany was a believer. Below is part of an article from a foreign policy magazine regarding PM Merkel.


Merkel, herself the daughter of a Lutheran pastor, has explicitly countered the growing fear of Islam in Germany with the argument that, rather than fretting about other religions, Christian Germans should return to their roots and take their own faith more seriously. Rather than suspect Muslims of fanaticism for knowing the Koran by heart, they should take some inspiration from the example and firm up on the Bible. Merkel sees both Islam and Christianity as having a place in Germany and as springs of moral conduct. As some observers have put it, it is almost as if, after years of tranquilizing citizens through a carefully calculated politics of consensus, she has thrown down a moral challenge to her own people – and, in particular, for the 61 percent of Germans who identify as Christians actually to live their faith.


I wonder if we American evangelicals can learn something and what PM Merkel is saying above. American evangelicals are driven by fear. They are flocking to a certain political candidate who wants to keep Muslims out. But PM Merkel has a Christian background. Where is a certain Donald Trump does not.

But the American Church would do well to listen to what this political leaders saying.

Sister thank you for sharing the radio link by Dr. Brown. Hope you listen to it later.

Simply my thoughts.

 2016/8/1 19:09

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Just a silly thought-

what if a massive influx of Muslims into the kingdom is what drives the Jews to jealousy and ultimate repentance?

Maybe we should not be so quick to assume that Islam will play a huge role in the "end times." Maybe a whole lot of them will be converted. I could see God doing something like that.


 2016/8/1 19:26Profile


Todd, that is an AMAZING thought. The sons of Ishmael preaching the good news of the Messiah to the sons of Isaac. That kind of stands the world upside down! The last shall be first and the first shall be last scenario.

Thanks for all the thoughtful and encourage words from you all today!
These are exciting days to be alive in Christ Jesus!
Sis L

 2016/8/1 19:55


Totally. You are on to something I was going to bring up. Those converted out of that antichrist system are in the best place to rock the Jews & bring them to jealousy, because such natural animosity exists between them. That was one of the main themes in the OneKing Israel trip I just came back from. And we always think of Ishmael as "the great mistake", but the fact is, when God made a promise to Hagar concerning Ishmael becoming a "great" nation. The word there for great isn't in multitude or number, but an adjective of quality. In fact the same word is used elsewhere to say the Lord is great and whatnot. So God is not through with the seed of Ishmael & they are being used even now in Israel. Saw it myself. In fact, the Iranian (Persian) Christians with GCM regularly pray & intercede for the salvation of Israel & the Jews. And I have seen video (that I can't share or even possess) of them doing Davidic type worship & crying out for Israel. And it wasn't dead or ritualistic but spirit filled & would bring you to tears moving you from the Holy Spirit within. So yes, you are on to something that's actually already starting & it's awesome to see!

 2016/8/1 20:14


And actually, from studying it, I think it's both: Islam fits like a glove and will play a huge part in the end times, but where sin abounds, grace abounds all the more & God is reaping a GREAT harvest even now among Muslims.

 2016/8/1 20:19

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Interesting observations, never saw it that way before.


 2016/8/1 20:54Profile


My people on Persecution Watch prays that Iran sends missionaries to Israel and not missiles.

 2016/8/1 21:23

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