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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : North Korea Refuses to Accept New Imports, Says they are Marked with a Cross

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 North Korea Refuses to Accept New Imports, Says they are Marked with a Cross

North Korea Refuses to Accept New Imports, Says they are Marked with a Cross
ICC Note: There are seemingly no limits to North Korea's repression of Christianity. While the recently sanctioned rogue nation is now in especially severe need of imports from China to feed (some) of its people, its government refuses to let down its extraordinary paranoia of any and all things religious. The"X" found often on the exterior of some incoming products is apparently too much like the cross of Jesus Christ to be accepted into the country. And as it is stated later in the article, the same repression extends to young students in math class who must ensure that their "plus signs" have equal lines and in no way resemble the cross. North Korean Christians deserve admiration for their endurance under a regime that forbids any trace of Christianity whatsoever.

7/26/2016 North Korea (Radio Free Asia) - Already on the look-out for goods showing manufacture in rival South Korea, North Korean border guards are now watching too for products coming in from China that bear markings resembling the Christian cross, North Korean sources say.

Customs officers in the isolated, sanctions-hit state have recently been confiscating all products they see that show the mark, a Chinese-Korean peddler based in Pyongyang who frequently travels back and forth across the border told RFA’s Korean Service.

“We’ve always had to make sure there were no Korean characters on the labels of products that we brought in from China,” RFA’s source said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

“Now we have to check again to see that there isn’t anything that looks like a cross,” he said.

“Some designs on women’s clothing can look a lot like a cross, depending on who is looking at it. Cross designs also appear on women’s hairpins and hair bands and on men’s neckties.”

“These products are more likely to be confiscated during customs checks,” he said

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 Re: North Korea Refuses to Accept New Imports, Says they are Marked with a Cross

I am surprised that this leader in North Korea hasn't been reduced to a mad man like Nebuchadnezzar or stricken by a disease like Herod. It is insanity to eliminate the cross. How often do we see a cross in nature or the sky. This truly shows how desperate these unbelievers are.

There surely are thousands of praying believers in N. Korea and it is only a matter of time before God breaks the enemy's hold over that country.

'Rise up, O God, and defend your cause. Remember how fools mock you all day long--Do not ignore the clamor of your adversaries, the uproar of your enemies, which rises continually... Psalm 74:22-23)


 2016/7/26 10:39

 Re: North Korea Refuses to Accept New Imports, Says they are Marked with a Cross

Interesting how much the powers and principalities over North Korea & it's government hate the cross so much that even anything that could look even remotely like a possible cross (even though it isn't one, like an X or a + sign) brings disdain. The cross is "the stench of death to those who are perishing, but the fragrance of Christ to us who are being saved"! God have mercy on the North Korean people, continue to move among this people in the midst of the self-induced famine, starvation, neglect, torture & utter despair. Fill them mightily with your spirit! One day every knee will bow & every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord! Including Kim Jong Un & Kim Jong IL, etc. Just like Hitler, Stalin, Moussilini, Ghengis Khan, Dometian, Nero, Herod, Ceasar Augustus & all the rest!

 2016/7/26 10:49

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