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Discussion Forum : Miracles that follow the plow : prayer email judgments on our land and the answers by Dan Biser

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 prayer email judgments on our land and the answers by Dan Biser

"Where is the God of judgment?" - Malachi 3217
"If you return unto Me, I will return unto you" - Malachi 3:7

We watch as a nation self-destructs; as a world collapses. We behold the hand of God has gone out against us and we know exactly why. Two false truths are given in Malachi that God declares, 'You have wearied the Lord with your words".
1. when they say 'every one that doeth evil is good in the sight of the Lord' - how many pastors and churches proclaim the half-truth of a loving God; and never declare the wrath and judgment of God.
2. when they mocked that there was a God of judgment and asked the question as if to say would they ever see the judgment of God, 'where is the God of judgment?'

Brethren, I declare the judgments are falling upon us faster than i keep track of. For years I have watched news headlines to see the judgments of God. You can read Deuteronomy 28 and see the blessings and cursings of the Lord to know these happenings.
1. weather hazards;
2. natural judgments - earthquakes, volcanoes, etc.
3. plagues - sicknesses (aids, cancer, staph infections, mutating viruses, etc.)
4. violence and evil increasing to record murder, deaths, atrocities;
5. family homes divided, broken and obliterated
6. powerless, Presence-less, and prayerless church to do anything about it;
7. economic collapse;
8. wars and rumors of war - ISIS; Boko Haran; Sudan; refugees etc.

Do you see the hand of God has gone out against us as we have never seen before. And yes, all these things have happened before and come in and out as from time to time. But the culmination of all these things happening in just 6 months of this year should alarm as as to answer to the question, the God of judgment has come, and come with a vengeance.

I had spoken of these things in the fall of last year and earlier again this year warning that such a 'ramping' up of judgments was coming. You could see the individual judgments building over the last several years. For a season it drought, earthquakes; then it was for a season on Chicago murders, then murder-suicides escalating; then came the time of school, work, and church shooting - now which I term public executions. All of these happened in seasons quickly happened then abated, but now it is consistent every week, yea every day and no end in sight.


We have not obeyed the word of the Lord. In Malachi 3:7, 'If you return to Me, I will return to you.' Many of the church leaders and pastors are pleading for people to plead with God. However there is a huge problem which they do not mention.
"Therefore it is come to pass, that as He cried, and they would not hear; so they cried, and I would not hear, saith the Lord" Zechariah 7:13

God speaks to His people. Constantly sending His servants and prophets to declare and to urge the people to return to Him, to find His grace and mercy. But when a people continue to rebel and disobey, they face the certainty of judgment from the Lord. He will send calamity to draw them and make them fall on their knees for mercy. And thus. . . here we are.

And do not think that we have arrived, oh no, we are only in the beginning of this. Things will continue to deepen and calamities will continue to increase and be more horrific and filled anguish. Look at this years clamities:
--Pray for Orlando;
--Pray for Dallas;
--Pray for Paris;
--Pray for France;
And so it continues as God awaits to see what will be the repsonse of His church and the nations. But how could we ever expect heathen of our nations to fall on their faces and cry for mercy, when His Own church and people refuse to bow the knee.

And so the increase of prayer and prayer calls, yet in the midst of some mercy drops, evil abounds. And as God cried fo rus to surrender and die to self and follow Him and we refused; so now, we cry to Him, and He refuses to hear us and answer.

So then many will ask of me and say, 'then its over'. The US is finished. I do not know this certainty. I only know that a greater judgment is coming I believe on our nation of 70,000 to die in one moment of a crisis due to the judgment of God - whether terroists or natural or plauge or war I do not know.
But in the moment of such an event the urgency - fervency - emergency of the church will be as never before. A realization of how short time is, and how much we have to answer for.

what must we do?
1. There must be a full understanding of just how far we have fallen from His desired and spoken purpose and Word. This requires for us to know the Book and His teachings of sin and its high offence to Him. A full confession of sin should be attended to to teach the people, 'wherein have we wearied Thee?'
2. Repentance from these things. Home, hearts and houses of worship cleansed and made holy inside and out, from top to bottom.
--no alcohol; drugs, tobacco or other vices;
--no profanity, wicked, 'lose' worldly tongues and language;
--no questionable practices that the world or Satan could gain an advantage;
--a return to holiness and pursuit of perfection; 'I press toward the mark of the high calling of Christ'
--not temporal but eternally minded;
--not carnal but spiritually living;
3. Continue to obey and keep His Word in all of its mandates.And to be known for faithfulness, perseverance, steadfast and loyal to our Jesus.

Prayer targets:
1. Notice the prayer graphic at the top. Based ion Acts 1:8 world, nation, state, county, city, community, home, family, and our own hearts.
2. Southern Sudan is exploding with new warfare and almost 1 million refugees.
3. ISIS and Boko Haran are vehicles of evil right now and need to be completely stopped.
4. Refugees - needs, scars of horrors, and deliverance;
5. our own nation and all the evil that abounds - 'Deliver them from evil (or the Evil One) this is the prayer now before the next tragedy unfolds and hits us.
6. The great need for the church to Spirit filled and overflowing in His power and presence.
Luke 11:13

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 Re: prayer email judgments on our land and the answers by Dan Biser

I would like to post this in agreement with Dan Biser, if you think it needs it's own thread, let me know and I will start another one!! :)

The Battle Over Israel by Lance Lambert

.... (1HR:13 min), no wonder He has a determination to bring the nations to total destruction. I do not believe that all these stimuli and all these other things, printing money galore, in Britain, in France, in Germany and in the United States is going to answer this. We shall see a little lift and then a nose-dive. There will not be the money to pay pensions in 10 years time, there will not be the money for health care services.

It was in 1998 that the Lord spoke to me, 10-11 years in the Intercessors Leaders Conference in the Philippians and I understood the Lord to say, "I am angry. I have risen with anger." He said, "I will judge them by flood, by fire, by hurricane, by tornado, by earthquake," but He said, "they sit, the affluent so complacent, so powerful. I will hit them where it hurts the most, I will smash their economies."

When I heard this, I couldn't help but agree with him and his understanding. And it's only going to get worse before the Lord returns.

God bless,


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 Re: prayer email judgments on our land and the answers by Dan Biser

Of this I do not doubt one moment.

The natural calamities one sees are happening globally - everywhere.

The terrorists acts are everywhere - I call this war, warfare using guerrilla tactics, same ones used by the colonists back in the day of the American Revolution and the Indians as well...They succeeded quite well. There seems to be a WW3 ongoing, people just are not calling it that - maybe because it sounds too frightening?

And persecution...when one saw the USSR break up and saw freedom of religion one became gratified but now even this loophole is closing as it is in China. Muslims are killing the USA a Believer has to be discrete in expressing his faith less he gets fired, or fined. And on and on...

Yes, I agree - the future is fast changing and the freedoms we and our fathers have known are become a mere memory.


Sandra Miller

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•••Hours prior to the vote in parliament we had flash floods in Berlin with many streets and basements flooded, so bad that the declared Berlin as disaster zone. 

When man goes against nature, God sets nature against man !•••

Putting the thread back up on the board. It Bears reading and reflection.

Bro Blaine

 2017/7/1 9:09

 Re: prayer email judgments on our land and the answers by Dan Biser

Matthew 24 speaks it all. Jesus Christ warned about all these things will take place...

 2017/7/1 10:03

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