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 Venezuela Puts Nation’s Limited Food Supply Under Military Control

Venezuela’s socialist president Nicolás Maduro has launched the Great Mission of Sovereign Supplying, a program which places the nation’s food supply in the control of the military, who will choose where to distribute the food and monitor ports accepting foreign food supplies.

Maduro announced the move Tuesday, appointing Minister of Defense General Vladimir Padrino López as the head of the program. As the BBC notes, the “great mission” will be able to “establish how purchases and distribution of food,

medicine and household goods are made.” It will control five of the nation’s largest ports and regulate the function of the nation’s food processing plants.
Maduro explained the appointment of the military to control the nation’s dwindling food and medical supplies as a response to the “economic war” he alleges capitalist nations, especially the United States, are waging against his ...

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