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It can't be manufactured. I think we all see that together.

Sometimes, I wonder if seeking revival is even correct. Havok said well to seek God. Revival is a merciful thing, an act of God.

Yet, if it is not revival, there is still the holy prophetic voice that calls out unapologetically to awake, arise, repent, and go with Christ. There is yet a life to know in Him as bodies of saints walking together in Jesus, in Spirit and in truth.

I cannot find a biblical example of diplomatic prophetic calls. God is not an ambassador. He is the Sovereign. His pastors and His teachers, His servants of every calling live rightly and well in love and gentleness. When, though, the church has fallen away the severity of Christ -- as king, as judge, as the one who can cast both body and soul into hell, as the Lamb of God who will return as the Lion of Judah--that severity must be surely stated in order to snatch men as from the fire. Jude 23.

If the American church is as populated by true believers as some suggest, then either brothers like myself are badly mistaken and need to repent of the Spirit's relentless dealing with us about the church or we need to break loose from the weights we are told to wear while tiptoeing politely through the mission fields that our own churches have become for fear of insult or injury. My question is where are the men of God among these churches across our land? Where are those men who will stand and repent publicly for the shepherds who heal God's people lightly with romantic "services" and the so called "gospel of grace" a la Joseph Prince and Joel Osteen? Where is the outcry among these churches full of hidden believers? Are they captive? Has anyone kidnapped them? No. I am ready to repent. I am ready to lay down what I know and join the ranks of this great movement of hand raisers and anthem singers and vacuous teaching and powerless prancing prissing prayer. But, God is not there. I won't go back. I won't be shamed into the cool-kid company of culturally relevant engagers and smooth talkers and church growth experts. I will not accept that we should be silent because someone may be offended by hard truth when it is given in hard words by a broken heart and a contrite spirit.


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God is working in individual hearts, as a Master brickmason, putting the "stones" one by one in His building. He is shaking each life and testing hearts (revival), purifying those who are looking to Him for grace in time of need.

The wheat are growing up with the tares and the tares will always resist revival, because the things of God are not appealing to the tares. One by one, God is building. That is by and far how God by a little there a little.

 2016/7/12 23:06

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Brothers and sisters I doubt very seriously if we ever see what is happening in nations such as Iran and China. Those Nations have believers who are willing to accept the moving of the Holy Spirit. They have a spirit that is willing to believe. But we have a spirit if disbelief. We elevate the doctrine of cessationism over the moving of the Holy Spirit. We equate sound doctrine is that which will bring revival. But deny the moving of the Holy Spirit.

To me we all are hindering revival even the best of us in North America. There is a lack of true desperation, dependence and a working of the Holy Spirit.

Many great thoughts throughout this entire thread. Tood made a wonderful point that revival is corporate and this is very true, and it usually starts in prayer with God's people.

I would also say that an internet forum has great limitations on how much it can cater to the moving of God's spirit. Obviously many of the sermons and messages on the website are encouraging revival. Lord let us all humble ourselves and allow you to work more in our midst and in each life.

You are a God of miracles, you hate sin, may we not grieve your Spirit through unbelief and idolatry. Amen.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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Todd: agreed! The question is, will I be the one who is part of that influence or will I be the one who needs to be influenced?


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I was just saying, for revival to happen in our own lives, we don't have to wait for it to happen corporately. Jesus is alive and calling each one of us daily.

 2016/7/13 9:50

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Repentance is not a corporate event, it is an individual event. WE cannot repent...I must repent. But if you and I both repent individually, then the outward appearance of the thing is that WE have repented. The decision to turn and follow God in obedience is one that only I can make.

Personal revival is the key to corporate revival. When I decide that there is absolutely nothing on this earth that is more important than my passionate pursuit of God and His will and presence in my life; when I am willing to change absolutely anything in my life if only it will allow me to be closer to Him; it is then that I will experience revival. He will show up in my life in manifestation of power and glory.

And I have an effect on those around me. My own revival causes the guy next to me to say, "Hey, I want some of that." And then there are two and so on and so on. If I am fulfilling my role in the body of Christ effectively, if I am a joint that is supplying as I am anointed of the Holy Spirit (See Eph. 4), then I will infect the rest of the body with my own revival.

I believe we will see revival if WE REMEMBER
2 CHRON 7:142 Chronicles 7:14King James Version (KJV)

14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

King James Version (KJV)
THERE ARE CHURCHES that are on fire and looking to JESUS.
In Christ
Sister Frannie


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 Re: We Will Never See Revival

and with equal measures of gentleness, I respectfully submit to you "Bear", to search your heart and soul, and by the Grace of Jesus, and the Truth and efficacy of prayer, you recant.

again, I implore you in all gentleness, for a heart re-examination.

Much love, neil

 2016/7/21 22:02

 Re: Brother Greg

Beloved brother,
you so truthfully testified as such:

"To me we all are hindering revival even the best of us in North America. There is a lack of true desperation, dependence and a working of the Holy Spirit."

again: "lack of true desperation"

if you or any other dear saint feel led, imbibe a most wonderful word, "Holy Desperation"

much love, your brother neil

 2016/7/21 22:04

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 Re: We Will Never See Revival

Perhaps the issue is that two different entities are spoken of as one, in the OP: the true church of the Lord Jesus Christ and the harlot church. The former is full of regenerate people who are saved, living right and are kept by the power of the Holy Spirit. They are revived and have both their lamps and vessels filled with oil, awaiting the Bridegroom.

The latter is full of happy folks who are quite happily dead in their sins and would be offended at the very thought of their being called 'sinners'.
I believe the OP would accurately depict the harlot church.

Just my 2 cents....


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 Re: We Will Never See Revival

Perhaps we won't see revival in the way some expect, based on history. Evil is ramping up at an alarming rate. The only way genuine revival will take place is persecution. Only the Lord knows when and how. We need to seek first the kingdom of God, stay armored up at all times, sharing the gospel every opportunity we can, being watchful for the purpose of prayer, above all things have fervent love for one another, and trusting the Lord completely....He will do the rest.

Love hopes all things, it believes all things, it endures all things....

 2016/8/13 0:58

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