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 Trump's Christian advisory board....

I was hoping to see Paul Washer on the list:(

False teachers Ken Copeland and Paula White are just two of the people on the board.
Will any of these leaders sit down and have a heart to heart with Mr. Trump and tell him to repent?

 2016/6/24 21:58

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 Re: Trump's Christian advisory board....



 2016/6/24 22:27Profile


Here is the full list that this article published.

The full list of board members is as follows:
• Michele Bachmann—former U.S. House member
• A.R. Bernard—senior pastor and CEO, Christian Cultural Center
• Mark Burns—pastor, Harvest Praise and Worship Center
• Tim Clinton—president, American Association of Christian Counselors
• Kenneth and Gloria Copeland—founders, Kenneth Copeland Ministries
• James Dobson—author, psychologist and host, "Family Talk With Dr. James Dobson"
• Jerry Falwell Jr.—president, Liberty University
• Ronnie Floyd—senior pastor, Cross Church
• Jentezen Franklin—senior pastor, Free Chapel
• Jack Graham—senior pastor, Prestonwood Baptist Church
• Harry Jackson—senior pastor, Hope Christian Church
• Robert Jeffress—senior pastor, First Baptist Church of Dallas
• David Jeremiah—senior pastor, Shadow Mountain Community Church
• Richard Land—president, Southern Evangelical Seminary
• James MacDonald—founder and senior pastor, Harvest Bible Chapel
• Johnnie Moore—author, president of The KAIROS Company
• Robert Morris—senior pastor, Gateway Church
• Tom Mullins—senior pastor, Christ Fellowship
• Ralph Reed—founder, Faith and Freedom Coalition
• James Robison—founder, Life OUTREACH International
• Tony Suarez—executive vice president, National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference
• Jay Strack—president, Student Leadership University
• Paula White—senior pastor, New Destiny Christian Center
• Tom Winters—attorney, Winters and King Inc.
• Sealy Yates—attorney, Yates and Yates

 2016/6/24 22:30


This is troubling...

"The list also includes Johnnie Moore—national spokesperson for My Faith Votes, one of the organizers of Tuesday's largely evangelical meeting—and the Rev. Jerry Falwell Jr., president of Liberty University. Falwell had hailed Trump in the meeting: "Mr. Trump is a bold and fearless leader who will take the fight to our enemies and to the radical Islamic terrorists."

I am sure Trump will do that, but should Christians be disagreeing with Scripture which says our real enemy is not flesh and blood but Satan? (Ephesians 6)

If man is the enemy of the Christian, where will it stop? Who will be next to threaten our lives and stuff?

 2016/6/24 22:33

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I would hope there are a couple of persons on the list who would speak the unvarnished truth. There are at least a few I know who **should**-- whether they will or not is another issue.


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What strikes me is the fact that several of these mega church and large church pastors can't effectively shepherd their own congregations because there are simply too many people in them. But one man can have enough worldly gravitational mass about himself to pull all of them into some sort of board organized around himself.

The wicked kings of Judah amassed a very respected list of prophets and counselors around them too. God rejected every single one of them.


 2016/6/25 11:24Profile

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 Re: Trump's Christian advisory board....

"“For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.” 1 Timothy 6:10, KJV.

“When the people find that they can vote themselves money that will herald the end of the republic.” Benjamin Franklin

No amount of "Christian" counsel given to an obvious "unrepentant" leader will slow down the moral descent of this "republic".

 2016/6/25 12:11Profile



by TMK on 2016/6/25 11:03:27

I would hope there are a couple of persons on the list who would speak the unvarnished truth. There are at least a few I know who **should**-- whether they will or not is another issue.

Exactly, TMK. We are instructed to pray for those in authority. I shudder to think how bad Obama could have been without the prayers of the Church. Whoever becomes President, the Church must continue to pray for him/her. The Church through criticism and accusation turn men away from God, or through prayer, turn men to God.

 2016/6/25 12:30

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