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Discussion Forum : Miracles that follow the plow : Prayer request for site Moderator Family

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I am praying for you and your family brother.

I am going through the same thing in Miami, Fl. The housing market has over-priced the rental homes, and there is also that steep competition that you described where I look at a home and it seems to be just taken a few minutes later before I get a chance to even make an offer.

I need to move because the home I have been renting for the last 8 years will be sold at foreclosure on August 1st. I have a large family with 6 children (out of 9) still living at home, so most people reject us outright because of the large size of our family, even though the home has plenty of rooms. They are also asking that my income be 3x what the homes cost, which is impossible for me, even for the cheapest homes that we could fit into.

I know that the Lord takes care of us; He especially has a heart for the widows and the fatherless. :) I was much encouraged by Judy's (alamb) testimony about her car (and the fridge before that).

I will continue to pray for you to find a place for your family. The Lord is faithful.


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Amen sister, we will think about you everyday and pray the Lord will grant you a wonderful home for your family!

Ephesians 6:18 New International Version (NIV)

18 And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 The Provider

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I am very glad that Greg humbled himself with this public prayer request.
I believe the Lord is calling us to get out of our comfort zones, our independent American lifestyles ( and I'm sure many have praise God) but I have a story to tell. In 2006, I believed the Lord called me to leave all and go to Virginia with my 11 year old. My husband had divorced me in 1999 and married another.

It was scary but I sensed that I needed to live not by sight but by faith.
I went not knowing anyone in the town I went to. I had enough money to put down payment on a place and pay rent until I could secure work.

In a nutshell I will tell you what we encountered. Although there was a a church on every corner and I had references from several pastors in Utah, every church I went to heard my story but there was "no room in the inn" for a divorced woman and her child. Though people lived in large homes with room for guests we were never invited into any. I spent $100. a night in a local motel as my money dwindled.

Pastors referred us to governmental agencies for welfare. I knew that was not God's provision. Finally a pastor told us there was an empty house near his house. We rented it from an absentee teacher for $700. a month. It was a mess and had no stove and the water heater was broken. This is after we had gone everywhere in town trying to secure a nice rental . The pastor and his wife were too busy to even talk to us. The never invited us to their home though they were next door to us. I began to feel the sting of rejection for being a divorced woman with no husband.

Since I was not at a very high faith level I began to get discouraged. Not one person at an organized church had helped us except to say "God bless you".

At that point, I was basically on my knees for every decision. I could not find work and winter was coming on. But we had food, shelter and a roof over our heads (and a hot plate). We also bought a tent and had sleeping bags just in case!

Amazingly God provided for us daily through little miracles and we learned, like Judy, that God's ways were not our ways.

I met some Mennonite believers in a prison waiting room as I visited a friend who was in prison. That is why I came to VA, because the Lord told me to visit the prisoner and I knew one man in prison.

I asked the Mennonite woman if they had a prayer meeting and she invited me to a ladies Bible study and prayer meeting in a home. That was the beginning of fellowship with true believers. And they supplied my child and I with a space heater when the furnace broke and was turned off in our rental house.

I'm telling you a very short version of a 3 year time of living by faith and not by sight. God supplied all our needs.....IN HIS TIME... teaching us valuable lessons all along the way and it was not painless! I cried myself to sleep sometimes wondering where the next provision would come from. But Jesus knew I had a head knowledge but the rubber hadn't hit the road in many areas of my trust in Him.

I had wanted to know what it was like when the Spirit said to Ananias "Go to Straight Street and there you will find a blind man named Saul..."
I was tired of doing my own thing and not really hearing the Holy Spirit be so specific....well the Lord heard my prayer and for three years the Lord trained me!!! And my child was observing and experiencing God's faithfulness.

I met the Body of Christ and the love of Christ was poured out in me, but it was NEVER ONCE through organizations, church or governmental. It was always through one believer here and one believer there.

Even the Mennonite Church did not have open arms for a divorced woman because of their hard stand on that issue. But individuals who loved Jesus would circumvent rules and regulations to love on a stranger who came to their town.

All that to say, Greg, if I lived closer to you, your family would be welcome to stay with me for as long as you needed until something opened up for you. My message to the church is to open up your lives and homes to the pilgrims and strangers God brings into your midst. Fear and pride keeps us from getting out of our comfort zone and sacrificing for one another. And this is still a battle even for me after what I went through.

A sister in Jesus,

 2016/6/19 12:08

 Re: The Provider

Dear sister, the Mormons where you are at, excel better at taking care of their own, then the evangelical church does. That should be a slap in our face and a rebuke to us.

 2016/6/19 13:25


Bro Blaine,

Without taking away from the original prayer request (which I did) and am!
I just wanted to share that God takes care of His own. And He may
Have intentionally shut doors for me in Christian churches that may be open for others.

He leads in ways we cannot figure out!

And you know, while in VA, I could have gone to a local Mormon Ward and probably would have been helped just by virtue of being from Utah.
But I knew that was off limits. Yes, Mormons are organized and have outreach galore, but at the root of it is 'good works' and a religion birthed in a Satanic plot to keep people in bondage all their lives. To have been indebted to some unbelievers would have detracted from the testimony of being freed from the bondage of Mormonism. As it turned out I shared my testimony with more people in VA than here in Utah!!! And two Mormon missionaries heard the gospel from me when they knocked on the door of that rental house with no heat!!!

And thank God we are not as organized as the Mormons! If we look at them as a standard, we are doomed.

Also I had the shoe on the other foot years ago when I was in a Christian church. I was the secretary for a while. I tithed regularly and trusted that the "benevolent fund' took care of widows and orphans. Imagine my surprise when I found out most of the money went to the building fund.
A $9000. heating bill (yup, big, old building) and only a few hundred dollars allocated for benevolence.

Believers have to decide what is more important. Tradition or a living relationship with the God whose ways seem foolish to others. Like others here, we have come to the place of wanting to trust the Lord more but we have to help others and let them know the way of the Lord is so amazing and wonderful and we would never go back to our old ways.
Hope that is more encouraging!
Sis L

 2016/6/19 15:41

 Re: Footnote

Dear sister it is encouraging. As was your testimomy Before long the remnant will find out nure what it us to trust God. Onky made the comoarison to Mormonism to show how far the American Church Has fallen. (Take I look at my post Visiting A Church Last Night)

Brother Greg will be praying about your situation trusting that God will provide suitable living or you and your family.

 2016/6/19 15:57



The Lord takes care of His people whatever men do or don't do.

He doesn't allow us to blame one another because we don't know His will for each other.

God has His reasons for blessing one and withholding from another and that is why you cannot compare His Church to another religion which does not have a living God.

 2016/6/19 19:23

 Re: Julius

Then brother pray that God will meet the need of our brother Greg and his family for suitable housing in British Columbia.

 2016/6/19 19:30

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