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Campbell River, B.C.

 Prayer Needed Please

My mom just died of a drug overdose. She was 58. My brother and I are devastated. My brother wants to get clean now, and wants to know Jesus. I am undergoing intense spiritual attacks as well. Please pray.

Nigel Holland

 2016/6/16 20:01Profile

 Re: Prayer Needed Please

Will be praying my brother. May God intervene in your situation. May He save your brother.

 2016/6/16 20:38

Joined: 2010/11/20
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Oh my!!! I will pray....May God wrap His arms around you....Praying for your brother also....I am SO sorry.......

Have been praying about Uncle Jack, any word?

 2016/6/16 20:51Profile

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Tennessee, but my home's in Alabama


Comforter, come unto Your servant and heal his broken heart. Shield him with Yourself. Grant repentance to his dear brother and save him to the uttermost.

Hold their tears of grief in Your hand and anoint them with gladness in You.



 2016/6/16 22:25Profile

 Re: Prayer Needed Please

Will do. Lord, in Jesus' name, ultimately bring about & make for your good & glory in these things the devil meant for bad!

 2016/6/17 1:20

 Re: Prayer Needed Please

Nigel brother, so sorry to hear this. May God give comfort and strength to you and your family.

There is drug abuse in my family, my grandson and son both died of overdoses, my son deliberately, and various others are still using so l get how devastatingly it is. It is so evil how it takes over their minds and destroys them.

I had a gene test to help me know how to treat my autoimmune illnesses, and was told that l had the gene which makes you more susceptible to heroin addiction. I have never touched drugs due to the Lords protection but know how a person's biochemistry can cause unbearable depression which does not respond to medication or therapy but does to dietary intervention, as in the paleo diet and some vitamins.

It is advised that no- one tries to quit any addiction until they have spent some time vastly increasing their nutritional state and by doing so, vastly reduses withdrawal effects.

Thinking of you in this tough time.

 2016/6/17 1:36

Joined: 2006/9/16
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 Re: I certainly will pray

I will pray for you and your brother. I'm so sorry for your loss and you have my sincere sympathies as I'm sure you do from everyone on this forum. The God of comfort is with you at this time.

David Winter

 2016/6/17 8:38Profile


Not to derail the importance of the opening post, but Jesus can actually just set us free from addictions, regardless of our natural predisposition to them whether from "gene pool", environmental factors, etc. (be it homosexuality, drug abuse, etc.). I know this personally. My grandfather died an alcoholic (my aunt used to get between him & my granny as a small child because he would get drunk and violent). My Dad died a severe alcoholic. My mom was a drug addict in the hippie era. Pretty much the majority of all my brothers & cousins were at one time (if not still) alcoholics &/or drug addicts. I was too. I was drinking at 12-14 years old. I was downing tons of vodka in my late teens. I was getting high daily by 18-19. I was later addicted to EVERYTHING (cocaine, meth, heroine, Ecstacy, GHB, valium, etc.) as well as taking crazy stuff all at one time when already messed up like Ketamine, LSD, Mescalline, Nubain, Zanax, Rohyphynols, or whatever. I was shooting heroine every day for almost a year at 20, playing in bands in Denton & using every other drug too. I have overdosed & almost died (would have but the grace of God) from it several times (like been to the hospital, hooked up to machines, drinking charcoal, heart monitor racing, the whole bit). But at 23 (18.5 years ago now), when I got saved & quit, I quit. The Lord delivered me. In spite of my genes or my diet, & my new bread was his Word! So I am not saying eating is not important (I actually was also a steroid taking, huge monster during much of this with training certs & nutrition specialty, & nutrition is to this day a great interest to me), but the most important thing is getting truly born again & delivered by the Lord from it. If not for that alone, I'd have been long ago dead. The brother who shepherds our fellowship & his wife were also heroine junkies. He actually legally & medically died from it on monitors in the hospital. His wife (now) was of Buddhist background but cried out to Jesus when they told her he was dead. Then His heart starting beating again. that was the start of events that lead him & then her to Christ. They never used again either irrespective of diet/food intake. Again, not trying to derail from the OP, but I thought it should be stated. Heck, my diet after getting saved was jail food! Lol. 😊 And there was still accessibility to drugs for me in jail & prison (state penitentiary), but I had found the food the world knows not of & was free & satisfied in Him!
God Bless,

 2016/6/17 9:33



Thanks for adding your experiences regarding drug use.

I think that we all know that God does deliver men from all sorts of substance abuse and they never touch those thigs again, but the fact is that the vast majority of people, quit without becoming believers and any advise they can get to make the process easier is important, and not just to say to them 'believe in Jesus' and all will be well or that it is the only way for them to quit. Even if they do get delivered, correcting the nutritional deficiencies they have built up whilst abusing is advisable if they have access to good diet that is. Some people are too 'heavenly' for their own good. The physical is important too.

 2016/6/17 9:47

Joined: 2011/10/23
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Amen jeff ,,this is not a self help herbal shop here at sermon index ,

It doesent require worldly wisdom to be saved ,,only the son

If the son sets you free ,you will be freed indeed ..!!,

We dont need the methods of the world to to be set free from sin ,thoses things will allways fail , for the child of god ,,we need no trust in doctors and what ever the world can produce ,as bandade solution..

If he can set you free ,indeed that is all we need ,perioud

The supanatural power of god ,is sufishent , to do the job ,..

Just as well because more then half the world live below the poverty line ,

God is there provision
Yaway, jeria

 2016/6/17 10:03Profile

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