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DEUT 29:9 Jos 1:7•8, 3Jhn 1:2; Job 36:11 Ps 35:27; Zech 1:17.
To prosper is to thrive, do well in every area of life, get on, grow, flourish [Ps 1:1-3) to be well off, affluent, rich, successful. The first thing you need to known is that God ordained prosperity for his children.
Abundance has always been a sign of the blessing of God. He is abundant towards his people. He will supply more than your need. God's will is that we succeed at His purpose. God is the magnificent giver of every good gift. All through the scriptures we encounter men who walked with God and were blessed and prosperous.
1. God Ordained Prosperity: Gen 12:1-3, 1Cor 3:22; Provo 8:18,21.
i. God is the source: of every good thing. He is a God of abundance and overflow. All things (both visible and invisible) belongs to him (Ps 50:10, Ps 89:11)
ii. It is a command Gen 1:27 -28
iii. God is the giver: Ps2:3, .James 1:17, Matt 7:7-8 when Israel needed food in the desert God gave them, when they needed water he gave them from the rocks, when they required meat he gave them (Num 11:31-32). In the midst of famine he commanded Isaac to sow on a sun parched land (Gen 26) he reaped a hundred fold. When man needed a savoir God gave Jesus Christ (John 3:16), So we can be partakers of covenant privileges and rights (Gal 4:28)
2. Prosperity is a Covenant Privilege Gen.12: 1-3;Duet 8: 18
The ability to create wealth is a gift from God. He gives it to those who are covenanted with Him through redemption. Abraham was a no body, but when God called him his life became prosperous, so was Isaac and Jacob who left with a bag to Laban's house but came back with all manners of possession (Gen 31:1). This blessing of the seed of Abraham is transferred to us through Christ Jesus (Gal3:29)
3. It Gives God Pleasure: Ps 35:27 3Jhn 2, Jer 29:11
To prosper you and to see your prosperity is pleasurable to God and serves his purpose, because the purpose of prosperity is to establish the kingdom of God on the earth and equip his children to fulfill their purpose or assignment on earth.
4. It furthers God's work: Zech 1:17,2 Cor.9:8; Gen 25:1-8. Prosperity of God people enhances the work of the lord. It brings down the kingdom and glory of God on earth, enlarges and expands it’s area of influence on earth.
5. Prosperity is not an accident and neither is poverty. Strict spiritual laws govern both. (Prov11:24, 25, Lk 6:38). The Spiritual law says be ‘willing to release for increase’.
6. God is no respecter of persons (Acts 10:34) God did not predetermine who will be rich or who would be poor. He simply created His spiritual laws and freely gave them to everyone. Every person then has a choice to implement the laws of poverty or the laws of prosperity.
7. God wants us to expect increase (Harvest) Gal 6:6-9. let it sink into your spirit “if I sow I will reap” it is Gods law and it cannot fail


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