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 ONE COMMAND, Reality Check 101 (Have you any mercy?)

Reality Check 101

The Fact of the matter is this: GOD gave us ONE simple Command, and we blew it. Any single one of us would have blown it. We, if we were in Adam’s place, would have blown it; FOR ALL have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of GOD. ALL. Not some. Not one or two. Not a handful here, and well, yeah maybe a handful there too. A group here, and a group there. This denomination and that denomination. NO. EVERY SINGLE ONE, All; Mankind in the collective.

Truthfully we all pretty much sin daily. In our hearts, in our pride. In our arrogance. In our hearts, I think we all do. Acting like we don’t doesn’t make us righteous. Rather if anything it just adds condemnation, making us a liar as well.

It's sobering when we reflect that we’ve all blown it. We’re not special. GOD doesn’t favor our denominations, or doctrines; we cling to the tragedy of the human condition as long as we are here. Mankind is tainted and the world is gonna burn and the only way out is the Cross of CHRIST at Calvary. End of story. What a thing to, what a task it is to explain this Truth to the Unbeliever. It is hard enough explaining it to the church.

I think we often forget that we won’t be justified by the Law. By the Sabbath. By whatever days we keep. By this or that commandment. We often cling to these things, but they won't justify us. It’s all going to come down to this one simple thing… The proverbial Code Breaker; JESUS CHRIST and Him Crucified.

Let me level with you. I know if it weren’t for JESUS I wouldn’t be getting in. I was a liar, a thief, a fornicator, a cheater, and idolator, a sexual deviant, a chief hypocrite. I was a drug taker, porn addict, and a whore. I was an -insert sin-. And there you go; Ya do one you have done them all. None of us are really 'good'. Elsewise the Cross is vanity and JESUS died for nothing. No, none of us is good. I assure you I have done it all; and I did it twice on Sundays.

So, with that said; I must look at the whole of it in the scope of my own failure, and I choose to FORGIVE. Because I have been FORGIVEN. Granted I do not seek to continue in sin. I don’t walk in my past sins. My past is Crucified. I am the New Creature. That assures me that I know it’s real. I know the Blood is the Way. At the end of the day it’s all about the Healing that JESUS brings to the soul.

I am grieved in my heart right now at what is going on… how we have turned the Church into a den of devils, and a house of politics. How we are condemning one another. I know I preach strongly also, but I’ll let you know I am quick to tell you I also forgive. True I won’t live in the former sins and I may not walk with some of you, and so on; but at the same time, if you can’t forgive someone you’re not gonna be forgiven yourself. So regardless whether I will walk with someone, or whatever, I still forgive them. And I still love them. And I still do not wish Hell on them. Because I know what I was. I should be dead and in Hell. Apart from Christ, it is better I had not been born. And I believe that that is the case with all men.

So I must ask myself every second of this Walk; "Who among us is without sin? Let him cast the first stone!" Which one of you doesn’t have some secret? Some lie? Some thing that you wish you had never done? Which one among you is so perfect they had nothing to do with Nailing Him to the Cross? Come forward, let me see you. Let me be in awe. Come forward so I can see what perfection looks like. Please! Let me see this creature! We can preach Hell and Perfection, yet can't hold down a marriage, can't maintain a walk, can't truly love others where they are out of the Mercy of Christ shed upon us while we also were yet sinners. GOD help us.

I will be the first to admit, among idiots; I am chiefest. Among sinners? I am legendary, tilt, mythic. Among prostitutes? I am the most used. My righteousness (that is of myself) is a rag on the floor of a brothel.

And ultimately this is why I lean not to my own understanding, or the doctrines of these idiots who sit and judge one another without ceasing. At the end of the day I am In Christ and I FORGIVE. I won’t continue walking in sins; though I may stumble. I will stay repentant. I will try, as I am able, to help my brothers and sisters. I rest my Faith entirely in Jesus Christ, and His claims, and His statements; and His Word. At the End of the Day He is all I have to confess. At the End of the Day at my best I am a failure, and that is best where I excel. At the End of the Day, I couldn’t cut it. But at the End of the Day that is my greatest strength, because where need is, Christ is Mighty to Save. GRACE is mighty to deliver.

So regardless, it doesn’t matter. The old man is dead. The old man is crucified. The sins are crucified. The past is nailed to a Tree. The lies are washed away by the Blood of the Lamb. The sins are purged. I am new, like fallen snow. I’m no longer what I was. I am no longer who I was; And so Christ is everything to me. He alone is my Doctrine.

Looking at my past, looking at my sins, and being thankful for the Deliverance, they in fact award me that they taught me to HATE sin. It has brought understanding to “Go and Sin no more.” And if I do error and make a mistake, I quickly seek to repent, striving not to make the same mistake twice. Though it is possible I might.

But I refuse to ‘go back’. Though a voice might try to lead me to my past. Though a voice might try to condemn or remind me of a former sin; I know that I am no longer that person. I’m not ‘him’ anymore. I am not bound to his lies. His sins. I am NEW. For the Bible says, I am a New Creature, and when Christ casts your former sins away into the sea of forgetfulness, it is only Satan and no one else that brings them back up to you, because he uses those things that now disgust you, to try to bring you down.

This is a very real fight. Make no mistake about it. You can leave all the doctrine stuff at the door, and all the religious discussion, because it doesn't matter much when you get hit in the face. In my former life I was in a few fights, and I learned this about them; 'forget what you think you know, and go with what works.' Every fight is different. You can train all day, and perfect every 'kata' or technique and still get knocked out in one blow by a lesser trained individual. You must have a fighter's instinct and be willing to stay in to the last round regardless. Doctrines mean nothing compared to blows to the face.

This is a battle of attrition. We often fight just simply… to FINISH the RACE. Knowing this, how can we be so denomination, and devoid of Spiritual Passion and Mercy?

We must once again evaluate our own pasts, and remember to LOVE ONE ANOTHER, for the LAW is fulfilled all, to the last; in LOVE.

Once you have the LOVE everything else will just fall into place. The Law, the Commands. All of it. If you really LOVE the LORD you will walk In Repentance as a New Creature and sin’s power over your life will be broken. You may have trials. Failures. Sins. Losses. Gains. But it is all to your refining, that you may be presented in the End without spot of blemish, with a perfected FAITH.

That’s the Truth.

This stated; I don’t buy into the graven image of ‘conservative’, poster printed, Smith and Jones, Cookie Cutter Christianity; wherein you can live your little fakie church life and post all your little pictures, and tout your superficiality, and make up pretty lies with green tongues. Wherein you can label anything you don’t think fits in; where you worship your good works, and build idols unto yourselves for yourselves.

Oh I know, and if only people like me would just know their place and shut up right? My heart aches for you too. Just like Moses when he pleaded GOD on behalf of the people only to come to the camp and see them with their pants down at the idol. In this way does my heart grieve. And yet I love you deeply. Fancy that.

The so called church today? You have labels, and you love labels. You are a lying people far removed from GOD’S Heart, and you profane His Holy Places, and trample them underfoot. You love a lying tongue. You love a smooth Gospel. You love to speak of politics. You love to make GOD political. Is GOD divided? Or does He not say, His Kingdom Come? His Will be Done, On Earth as it is in Heaven?

Life is not a Hallmark card with your favorite Scriptures. I will never take your fake pictures. I will never powder my face with your lies.

Reality check; I am just a broken dejected loser who GOD blessed with a New Life In Christ. There is nothing good about me, or my works, or my flesh. At best I am pathetic. Apart from GOD I am entirely evil. My flesh is unto me a grief.

So the Life I live now is by the Spirit. Not by might. Nor by power.

So that’s it. JESUS. AMEN and PRAISE GOD, STIR MY SOUL, and Kindle the Fire in My Spirit, Born Again, YAHWEH is GOD, No Weapon Formed Against Me shall Prosper, Encamped with the Angel of The LORD, I shall not die but live to declare the Works of the LORD, my righteousness is of HIM, thus Saith the LORD; Christianity.

So tell the fakers, 'yall can keep your candy cane Christianity, and your leavened Gingerbread Jesus with sugar and spice and everything nice.' See cause that’s not where I am from.

As stated, let this be a disclaimer even… my job is to preach. I am shouting to SINNERS. Broken losers like myself! I love whores and tax collectors. Sit me at a table with prostitutes and drunkards that I might tell them about the LORD.

As for religion; keep it. I don’t need it. Don’t want it. I despise the lies, and hypocrisy, and the political Cookie Cutter Christianity. It makes me sick to my soul; All these doctrines of self election and perfection. Literally.

Some of us don’t pretend. We try to self expose. I am a pathetic hapless loser in every way. I have sinned my whole life. I drank iniquity for water. I sinned as a devil, and likely made the Heavens blush. There is probably no end to the destruction I caused. No end. Behind me is nothing but pain and soul wreckage. Yea, I would be dead, and rightfully so judged as a devil, save for this One Saving Grace; JESUS CHRIST and HIM CRUCIFIED Whom has Set Me Free that I might KNOW HIM, and LOVE HIM as He First Loved me and Saved me while I was yet a sinner, freeing me from the curse of sin.

I tell you again; now I no longer live under the power of sin. I no longer live in bondage. I live as a Child of the Most High El Elyon GOD Eloah YAHWEH.

As for the rest, eh. I ain’t with it. For I have no righteousness that is of myself. But my righteousness is of Him. Praise ye the LORD.

Whom the Son sets Free is FREE indeed.

“I am the WAY. The TRUTH. And the LIFE.”

Let's consider these things today when we look to our neighbor and deal with him and his issues of life. And let us look and see ourselves for what we truly are; or are not.



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