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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Orlando Shootings: Is it Hate/Terrorism or Judgment?

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There may be a message to a the above verses regarding the situation in Florida. Let us certainly take heed to yourselves. But also pray for those that have been impacted by this terrible tragedy that they will find Jesus.

Amen brother. I too felt that there is a message behind this. Think about it, if a Christian who fell for a homosexual temptation went to the bar and was shot dead, how ugly it would have been. He would have died without a chance for repentance. How will he able to stand before saints who were killed for the testimony of Jesus even if this guy happens to go to heaven.

I could have easily been such a person. I want to stay away from the pattern of this world as much as possible.

Once my wife and I were crossing a club, she saw looked at the lights that they project on sky to and fro to show that this is a happening place. She said this is a Net that Satan throws to catch people. I always get reminded on it when I see a club.


 2016/6/13 21:42Profile


There are many messages. Not only the Christian that backslid, but the person who has consistently spurned the witness of their parents, siblings, friends and even the divine appointments of the Holy Spirit.

 2016/6/13 21:50

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