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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : How long before biblical Christianity will be banned from the web ?

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 How long before biblical Christianity will be banned from the web ?

There has been a steady but very subtle change in the way we communicate with people. In a short matter of time we have seen modern communication taking the word by storm, one revolution after the other.

We saw the evolve of the cinema, telephone, TV, radio, telex, fax, internet, email and now social media. SI is one of them. I am sure there are new technologies lined up already.

We are so used to them and most of us have signed away our privacy to participate in the convenience of internet, email and social media. We are all aware that those who provide these services most certainly have access to our private data. They know our bank details, circle of friends, shopping history, and communication with friends, customers and others. Governments all keep data about us. Next they will collect data through mobile phones and electric cars. To a certain degree they already do it. It does not take much phantasy to work out where it will all end up to. The bible foretold us 2 milleniums ago. We will most certainly have a one world government and modern digital media and technology will be one of the means of control.

It will not take long and social media will censored or forced to censor anything Christian. Your email will be read and your blogs will be checked. Online bibles will not be able to operate much longer. Christian blogger communities may be shut down one day.
This may come as a shock for many. SI will be no exception. Greg will one day will be asked to shut down SI, or worse, be forced to disclose our identities. Perhaps it is too late already because search engines, spiders and web crawlers have already harvested everything there is.

Brothers and sisters, my aim is not to scaremonger but to ask you to consider some preparation and practical advice.

There are no cyber churches, sorry
Find a local home fellowship to meet with saints – offline.
Find people to pray with, if you do not know any, beg God until you found some
Get yourself one or more printed bibles. Bible apps and online resources are very handy and given to us by the grace of God, but not for long.
Read the word of God, over and over and over and again
Learn to share your life and possessions with others.
Learn and refine some practical skills that help others
Commit all you have to God, give to the needy
Learn from the persecuted church how they survived and thrived in the underground.
Learn to bare reproach by backslidden Christians, be prepared to be kicked out of compromising churches
Read some good old biographies from men and women of God
Do not love your life on earth
Be prepared for martyrdom, persecution, prison and hardships.
Do not worry, Jesus will come back to set up his everlasting kingdom soon.

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