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 Practical Preaching for the Last Hour (Repentance)

Practical Preaching

(*This message is being reshared here. Hoping it is a blessing to someone. This is not necessarily targeted to anyone in particular, but it is a very strong Word, and there is both milk and meat. Read with a grain of salt. Or two.)

John the Baptist used to preach… and men cried out; “WHAT must I do to be SAVED!?” Because they were under the conviction of a man who was preaching under the anointing of the HOLY SPIRIT; preaching with Authority in Heaven.

The same with JESUS CHRIST. The same with the Apostles. The same with men who preach the Gospel today, when in fact it is preached. (Which is seldom.)

This is the kind of preaching LEAST WELCOME in the Churches today. The LEAST WELCOME. WORLDLY people get offended; and a worldly church is ‘afraid’ of the world’s ‘prestigious’ opinion. It strives to maintain the crowds by carnal means; and they love a FALSE Gospel about GAIN and COMFORT. It’s ‘practical’.

Or even worse, it’s just some religious institution, touting it’s doctrines, justifying itself, and condemning all others! As if GOD is the GOD of a doctrine and not the LORD YAHWEH of HOSTS.

But it’s all good. It is. Cause GOD will get your attention one way; or another.

Practical Preaching shouldn’t be about how to survive today. Practical preaching is this; IF I DIED today, would I be ready for Eternity? That’s practical preaching. Practical preaching is not about ‘your best life now.’ It’s not about what gifts you do or don’t have. It’s not about making a Show of the HOLY SPIRIT. It’s not about a doctrine of ‘your Election’. It’s about the TRUTH of the Cross. It’s about the Power In the BLOOD of JESUS CHRIST. It’s about the dead, dying, broken, and dry bones, coming back under the Oil of the Anointing of GOD, and regenerating back unto LIFE.

That WHOSOEVER might Believe would not perish, but have Everlasting LIFE.

What ever happened to men who cried out “WHAT MUST I DO!?” The Preaching of Holy Saints came upon these poor men, the Power of the HOLY SPIRIT brought them to brokenness and tears, and they cried out in agony, in the torment of the deep places of their darkened souls, crying out as the Light began to Shine; “WHAT MUST I DO!?” What is this GOSPEL?


“REPENT YE AND BELIEVE THE GOSPEL.” Jesus even Preached Repentance before Belief. LOOK IT UP. One cannot BELIEVE less he REPENT. As a wise preacher said; Repentance comes before Belief.

“REPENT YE, for the Kingdom of GOD is at Hand.”

Bring forth fruit (worthy of), and in; repentance.

How can this be accomplished if you don’t even know you’re a sinner; if all you do is sit in a feel good church listening to a feel good practical Gospel born straight out of the pits of Hell? Born straight out of the pits of Hell. Let that sink in; a Gospel crafted in Hell. "Doctrines of Demons."

It’s fortune cookie preaching. Or dogmatic doctrine preaching. Modern Day preaching. ‘Practical’ preaching. How to apply the Bible so that you can ‘gain’. But this Gospel lacks Authority and Anointing. It has not the Heavenly Power to convict the listener. It lacks the Power to STIR the SOUL. To stir REPENTANCE. GODLY SORROW LEADS TO REPENTANCE! I preach Repentance to Believers and Unbelievers.

You don’t want to repent? Go back to your feel good Gospel. Where all the words are spoken well, but the heart is astray of GOD. And don’t say Amen either, don’t! Because the rise in your blood pressure, and the faintness, and the fear, and the ANGER, is the Conviction that I am talking to YOU!

The church today is the church of Ichabod. Because GOD has left the building. The Spirit is gone. The souls are dried up unto death. The praise is wind. The offering is dross. The wine is spilled.

David Wilkerson asked; “What ever happened to Repentance?” And I have to echo that… WHAT ever happened to it? What happened to it?

I will tell you, it was replaced by a False Gospel, and it was replaced with doctrines of men and doctrines of Elections. Doctrines that justify sin. Doctrines that minimize the CALL to HOLINESS! (And hey I’m not mad, I’m just being HONEST! Something that may be strange to your ears because you don’t hear it anymore.)



We don’t want a drug to reduce the pain of it. We don’t want ‘new treatments’. We want the CURE. We want the cancer removed! GONE. The only possible way for this to occur is when you realize you’re DYING! You’re sick! You’re DYING of a TERMINAL DISEASE called SIN.

The ONLY CURE is the BLOOD of JESUS CHRIST which you come to by REPENTANCE! True Repentance. HOLY GODLY SORROW. AND when this comes, FAITH WILL FOLLOW and the Church will be Built on the ROCK of GOD. And no weapon formed shall prosper. No. No. NO not one.

Anybody can be saved. If a man truly repent, and come to the LORD He shall not be denied or cast out.

“I’m repenting more NOW than when I got Saved!” – David Wilkerson

“Godly Sorrow…”

GRACE brings us to hate sin with such a passion… with such a passion; Because we come to know more everyday the Beauty of the Christ, and the Cross of Salvation, and the Price that was Paid for our Freedom. And there is no other way. None. Just the BLOOD. The Precious Blood of JESUS.

Spiritual Maturity comes through sacrifice. GET SERIOUS! Stop living in these LIES! If you know the Truth you won’t chase revivals, you’ll BE ONE! You’ll be REVIVAL. YOU ARE REVIVAL if you are truly In the Spirit of the Living GOD.

The LORD is pouring out His Spirit right now, telling us all the FIRE is dwindling! The House of GOD is devoured by wolves. The Table of the LORD is filled with vomit. The people are in a stupor. The Altars are closing… the day is growing darker.

You are in need of Repentance. Get back to the First LOVE. If living In Christ is a BURDEN to you? Prayer is a burden? NOT JUST PRAYER, but DAILY REPENTANT PRAYER! And if you do not repent the LORD will REMOVE your candle sticks! DON’T TAKE JESUS the LORD for granted! STOP, and REPENT!

I can’t stress it enough. REPENT! STOP!

GOD help us. I pray the LORD show mercy.

GOD is taking away the Authority of today’s false churches, and STRIPPING them of Power in Heaven! And what Power is there apart from the POWER of the LIVING GOD executed by JESUS CHRIST?

GOD shall purify the Sons of Levi, and Purify the pulpits, seeking out His Flock.

If you will not repent, the LORD will rebuke you. Does that not strike fear in you? That the LORD would CAST you away and bind you in Hell? Saying; “DEPART from ME I NEVER KNEW YOU!” That you only had a form of Godliness but denied the POWER thereof, the POWER and AUTHORITY of the In Dwelling HOLY SPIRIT Who has POWER to bring you into SORROW and REPENTANCE! BY FAITH! FAITH ALONE!

We gotta get back on the right path. Saying a prayer isn’t gonna help when you still live in sins. When you still do drugs. When you are still a drunkard. An adulterer. What good is a prayer if you will not Repent? Stop living a double life!

The LORD help us to Repent, and make offerings in the Right Spirit. The LORD grant the Saints all Authority to Preach, just as when David was Anointed and the Spirit departed from Saul, so be it even now. GOD Bless Your Holy Church.

REPENT ye! BELIEVE the GOSPEL and Be Baptized that you and your household be SAVED.

GOD wants you to hear this message. If this message is weighing on you, come forward and Repent. Believe on the LORD Jesus Christ and thou shalt be Saved.



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