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 Why America is going to Fall (Heavy Word Warning)

Why America is going to fall

You don’t have to guess if America is going to fall. It is. It most certainly and assuredly is. It is unavoidable. We are on a rocket aimed for hell. We have become so morally bankrupt in this country that the only reason I believe GOD has not (In MERCY) annihilated us off the face of the map, is for the sake of His Abundant Mercies to salvage souls from the moral wreckage of AntiChrist America. It is only His MERCY that has held back wrath.

There is none righteous. No not one. The church is a SHELL of what it once was. It has taken on the ways of the world. It looks like the world. Acts like the world. Lives like the world. You can’t really tell the two apart. People outside of the Church look at it all like a spectacle of heartless Fox News ‘Pro Life Gun Worshipers’ (Irony). I would almost laugh if I knew it wasn’t so lethal to society and the Church. The Church has in so many ways become it’s own worst enemy. It has pretty much refused to LIVE HOLY and carry the Power of True Life Saving Testimony. The kind you see that has transformed sinners; Those who found Jesus after being used in a cheap motel with stained mattresses and broken dreams. Those who found it in the cold and still darkness of a jail cell. The kind that comes out of Fatherless broken homes, where if it not had been for the hand of GOD people like me would be another statistic; Even those who have touched on GOD in their despairs and complete brokenness. They usually are the ones who realize they need Christ to have power over the sin in their life. That there is no deliverance otherwise. That the thief cometh only to steal, kill, and destroy.

But alas; We live in an Church Age that has taught us to find comfort in Grace that we may sin. That sin is not the issue; (The very thing that has set us against GOD) But rather how we understand sin. What is our ‘interpretation’ of the sin issue? Do we have GOOD VIBES in Jesus? Are we at peace to sin? If you are at peace to sin, then perhaps you are not Saved at all; or, worse still, you have come to a place of Spiritual darkness. “When the Light of the eye is truly darkness, how great that darkness!”

People are high on Smiling Jesus. Homeboy Jesus. What about this Jesus: HOLY HOLY HOLY is the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY… Who WAS, Who IS, and Who is COMING? What about this Jesus that said; “GO and sin no more”? The Jesus who said; “IF you love Me, then keep My Commands”? You don’t hear about that Jesus so much anymore. He has almost disappeared entirely from the Churches of America.

I am so sick and tired of all this nonsense I have seen. Teaching kids lies. Numbing the people with false comforts and smooth sayings. Hiding behind clever sayings, big smiles, and false righteousness; (Do you not know that the LORD gives His children discernment to see right through that?) Never addressing or touching upon the relevant issues, or teaching others the Truth about the Gospel. Maybe it is because so many of these Pastors are little more than hirelings. Wolves in sheep’s clothing, that preach in stained garments. They fatten up the flock with lies, for the Day of Judgment.

I am not screaming or shouting as I say any of this. Perhaps though my heart is screaming; in echo to the shouts of the Spirit within me. Or perhaps it is the other way around. I really don’t know.

What I do know is this; that Christianity is more political now than anything. It’s dressed up for a wedding that it has not been invited to. If only I were telling you lies! But it’s true. Christianity is a JOKE to most of the people outside of it. Once upon a time, long long ago, the Church was not known for it’s iniquity. It was known for it’s TESTIMONY. But one compromise always leads to another. Always. Once you open one door, you may as well open the windows. Until finally all that is left is just… well just an open house for the devil.

People don’t have any true Solidarity, and so everything is open to what you want to believe something means. What translation you use. How you see it as being applied. The Apostles of Christ spoke against these things. IT IS WHAT IT IS. You may not like it, I may not like it, but IT IS WHAT IT IS.

And it’s APOSTASY.

We live in the FALL OFF of the time when people will no longer put up with Sound Doctrine. That happened a LONG time ago. A LONG time ago. In a Galaxy Far far away. Maybe I feel like Luke right now; Do you know any way to speed up the harvest and teleport me off this rock? Again, GOD’S MERCY is why this thing is staggering on like the undead. GOD’S MERCY is why we haven’t gotten it. GOD’S MERCY for even you sinners. Even you that hate Him. Even you that don’t know Him. HIS MERCY is why you are still here breathing with an opportunity to be Saved.

Consider that the next time you spit in the Face of Jesus Christ. Consider that next time you have an immorality parade mocking the Cross that has the Power to Save you from that which you do. Consider that. Consider it. CONSIDER IT when the world finally descents into Hell and the Sky Splits and the Dead Howl on the wind, and the Angels Come to Do Justice. I want you to CONSIDER IT when the children grow up to be murderers and liars, and adulterers.

We have a Nation of LIARS that speak well to the LORD but have a heart that is a snare to men and words that lure them to death. Churches preaching noise mostly. Powerless garbage. Worldliness. So that we can be at peace with the death around us and Spiritually blind, deaf and dumb. Just how you like it. Cause if what I say is True; that means you’ve done it wrong. That means you live a lie, and worship a Jesus you created in your mind.

You are a Nation, and a people that cries out; DON’T WAKE US! We love death. We love the wages of sin. Will the LORD not visit? Must He not in Justice throw down the Lady of Jerusalem and expose her nakedness? Would He be righteous if He did anything less? Shall He suffer His Name to be smeared in the mire of your fornication? Or will He not act? Will He not JUDGE? Will He not tread the winepress of His Fury? If He did anything less would He be GOD?

We live in a PORN Nation. A DRUG Nation. A Broken Home Nation. A Nation that HATES GOD. A Nation that makes all the other Nations DRUNK. A Lofty Nation that has said, She shall not fall. A Nation increased with such blessing that she vomits it out in the bed of her adulteries. Will GOD not Judge? Will He not? I’m not the crazy one here. I am not the radical one.

The radical one is the one who makes peace with the world. The fool who thinks he can vote change in. The crazy one is the one who parades for a cause or issue, yet lives in sin, and lies. You think you’ll escape? Bake up some more Jesus cookies, and take some more selfies. Keep putting on your make up.

Did you know that the Church of JESUS Christ is NOT at Peace with the World? It’s not. It is NOT at peace with sin. It is not at peace with Satan. The LORD rebuke this madness, those who savour the things of men. The fame of men. The love of money. The LORD rebuke it. It has nothing to do with the Gospel. The LORD rebuke those who think they have it all figured out.

America is not only going to fall; She is going to be found naked and ashamed, and the smoke of her torment will rise to Heaven. Change is not going to come to a Nation that has blasphemed YAHSHUA HA MASHIACH of Nazareth. For yet a little while, and then no more. Does the Church preach the Judgments of GOD? For it is written that the Righteous Speak of them.

Truth be told we don’t even have any Good BAD Christians anymore. They are all gathered like a troop in the house of a prostitute to commit fornication. Imagine that is how GOD sees it when we rush off into the world, forsaking Him; when we are supposed to represent Him.

We turned the TV’s on and put our kids in front of them, and let the glow of Sex, MURDER, and GREED seep into tiny little eyes, while their angels looked on into the face of the GOD of Abraham in Heaven. Did you know that babies and children have guardian angels who stare at the face of GOD? They do. OH yes, this country is in TROUBLE. Let it be heard. This is not going to stand.

We said it was ok to have slaves, to segregate, and now we do the same thing and just call it public housing. And now we have class slaves, and we create victims of the poor. We murder countless millions. We poison our food and water. We kill billions of animals annually. And that’s nothing compared to the holocaust of the unborn babies.

OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER and the blood doesn’t wash away anymore, it fills the streets, and there are famines in one place and another, and earthquakes are in one place or another, and there are people denying Christ and there are people saying they are Christ, and New Age Religion is taking over, and rebellion is pouring out over into the people, and you THINK that considering all this, that GOD WILL NOT PUNISH US? You think, you truly THINK that America is blessed? You think that the world is blessed, that it will not be punished? It will be a living hell on earth, and GOD will have to cut it short to spare the flesh otherwise none might be saved. For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God?

Yet everybody listens to the TV. It glows. It is the center of the room. It defines logic, or at least it seems to. But really just what is it saying? If you don’t like it change the channel! There is something for everyone. The TV Guide is like America’s Bible, and we wonder why rebuke is on us. How did it get here? How did we get here? Are you kidding? No seriously… You gotta ask? This is where we drove the car. A vehicle goes where the driver takes it, just like YOU go where your ACTIONS lead you. Start getting real.

Only a fool says in his heart there is no GOD. Your gold and silver will rust. Oh…. you are in for a rude awakening. GOD will execute HIS judgement, and pour out HIS wrath in fairness. When the Godly leave, who will pray for you? Who will help you then? You better wake up sleeper. Do you not know that the hour is late? You better wake up sleeper. Wake up. This is MEANT to wake you up. Woe be to the person who just ignores it. Repent.

Why do we try to make peace with a World that wants a New Order without Christ? When we are directly told to separate from it? Not even to touch it? Why is it suddenly ok to Void the Word of GOD and do just that? To grope and feel the world up in all her lustful treasures? To lay with her in her sins against the Body of Christ? Is it not written that friendship with the world is enmity with GOD? How then, can we, knowing the Truth; as Stewards of the Faith; How can we fellowship with the world and be at peace? Should we not in fact be fighting against the desires to do so? Should we not be striving to remain awake in the darkest hour? Where the temptation to fall asleep in the greatest? When on watch, the greatest temptation to slumber comes just before the break of the Light of Dawn.

And Dawn is coming. For some it will be a Dawn of the Bright and Morning Star. For others it will be the marriage they have been promised to; that is the Man of sin, and the Judgments of GOD, of which they have so desperately sought.

If the Righteous SCARCELY be Saved, then what shall become of the sinner and the ungodly when the LORD appears? NARROW is the Way. NARROW is the Way to Life. NARROW is the Way to SALVATION. Countless will cry out to GOD saying; “LORD LORD!” And He will tell them He never knew them. He will say, “DEPART FROM ME YE ACCURSED… DEPART FROM ME I NEVER KNEW YOU. YE LAWLESS. Into the Lake of FIRE prepared for the Devil and His Angels.” I want to share something with you. GOD did not prepare Hell for men. It is Will all might be Saved. He prepared Hell for the Devil and His Angels. Man chooses Hell. He is not prepared for it.

And you can choose right now also. You can choose to turn away from sin, and commit your ways unto the LORD of HOSTS, and repent of your evils. Turn from your idolatries. Turn from your fornications. Seek the LORD with prayer and fasting. HUMBLE yourselves before a RIGHTEOUS GOD. MAKE PEACE with your MAKER; YAHWEH. His terms are simple. ACCEPT and LIVE IN Jesus Christ His Only Begotten Son. By no other means will you be Saved; Lest ye REPENT and BELIEVE the GOSPEL. You will by no means make it through doctrines, days, feasts, laws, denominations, or works. But by the BLOOD of Christ, and HIM ALONE shall ye be justified.

These are the Terms of the LORD to mankind. They have not changed.

Christianity has not changed. Regardless of what you ‘think it means’.

“If you LOVE me, Keep my Commandments.”



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