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 Bro Greg !!!

Please put a stop to those whom are Bullying, Please take the time and read throgh the recent threads : they are even begaining to bully the sisters.

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 Re: Bro Greg !!!

Greg please do nor cave in to the AGENDA that these individuals are
trying to implement here rather than the primary cause, revival and renewal
in the faith. I believe you have the Holy Sprit in you and he lets you know those who are his in this place imperfect as we may be. The Lord knows our hearts and he also knows the pretenders and the tares. Religion is deadly when the Holy Spirit is not presiding in the midst. If these people really knew him he would lead
them into all truth but rather it seems they are as deceived as badly as the catholic religionists that my forefathers were enslaved to. The truth sets one free
but only if true humility and repentance is present.

 2016/6/9 21:02


I second that pp !100% agree.
May be even shut down the forum for a while for prayer and repentance.

Our testimony to the world and the Glory of God should be paramount.

 2016/6/9 22:27

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 Re: I third that

How can one of the most constant repeat violators of Greg's numerous calls for a better and more civil tone coddle up to Greg and accept no culpability but rather gloat and then blame others who supposedly have a AGENDA of some sorts just because they have a different theological view? What agenda is what I'm wondering. Who on this forum is against revival and renewal in the faith as the accusation now goes? Enough.

David Winter

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 i stand with Carmine.

He speaks truth.

 2016/6/9 22:47

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 Re: i stand with Carmine.

I have posted a concluding thread to the above dicsussion. I am copying it here and locking this thread also, there really needs to be a sense of remorse from saints over these things and I call on believers who watch and read these things to pray, this is a snapshot of the very healthy condition of the body of Christ today in north America. The devil laughs with this victory.


Saints (I even grimace saying this word right now),

This type of language and comments and attitudes are unacceptable. How can you walk with Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit and talk and act in such ways? Is there no grieving of the Holy Spirit in your life? Don't you all realize that this is bringing great shame to the Name of our Lord.

I have been moderating and help serving believers on this discussion forum for over 13 years and I have never seen such childish, carnal attitudes and comments. It is not just one person but many.

This will not be allowed to go on, if this continues we will simply remove accounts of believers that continue to act in this way as this is a repeated attitude and sin.

At the bottom of every thread post submit box it is written:

All our communication matters in the Lord and we ask that you consider that all our words will be accounted for by God one day: Matthew 12:36, James 1:26, Colossians 4:6. Speak with gentleness, with a servants heart. Imagine our Lord in the same room with you watching what you say to other believers. Speak to edify and love others and choose not always to be right but rather right in your attitude of humility and humbling yourself. You can review the full SermonIndex Community Guiding Principles (opens in new window) for more thoughts on how to post on the forums.


How can we say such things to each other as believers and the Lord see's these things, He surely weeps.

this thread is locked.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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