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 Overcoming Failure through JESUS (A Personal Testimony about Perseverance)


“What Fresh Hell is this?” – Jane Eyre

I have come to this conclusion, as I sit at the threshold of thirty-six and look at the wreckage behind me, and the hope before me; there is no meaning to life, no hope to live for, no future, and absolutely no point to life outside of JESUS. Existence is nothing but pain and darkness, and pointless vanity; outside of JESUS.

If JESUS were not who He said He was, and the claims He made were not true, then it is better to die than to live and wait for death, because there would be no point in agonizing with the pointless nature of this earthbound place of torment and tragedy. JESUS is the ONLY Peace. Outside of Him is Hell and endless torment and sorrow.

I personally can’t live even a second without knowing that all JESUS said is True. And even if I die here, and even if I suffer much, it is but a blink in sight of eternity. Because JESUS is Who He said He was. And He IS coming back for us. Whether you like it or not I couldn’t care less. Eat Trumpet.

You know JESUS said He had power to lay down HIS life and pick it up. No one could kill Him. He could have chosen to Live forever and no one could have stopped Him. If He wanted. But He wanted to lay it down for us. He ‘gave up’ the Ghost when He Finished It. HE gave it up. No one took it. No one could. Man cannot kill GOD. He GAVE His Life.

It is not until we have embraced defeat that we can truly appreciate success. What looks like a loss is often the victory itself. What seems like death is sometimes the LIFE itself. What looks like the greatest failure, is sometimes the most shining victory in life. The greatest victories come after the most fierce battles.

“You couldn’t handle the ground GOD gives you without the battles!” – David Wilkerson

Faith is not Faith till it be tried.

There comes a time in a man’s life when he must put away the idea that in so much that he chose GOD; that GOD in fact has chosen him, and he has realized it only by the Grace of Revelation In the Holy Spirit. And in this very Truth does he choose to be obedient or defiant to the call of GOD upon his life, and the LORD’S will for his Salvation. For at this place, there is no turning back, and the man must tread the lonely mountains and roads of life by Faith. For it is by Faith through Grace that a man is Saved. And so we see that indeed many are called. But few are Chosen.

Let me be with those who cry out "GOD is with us." We don’t want your money, fame, respect, churches, or acknowledgement. We’re nobodies. We’re good with that. Because WE HAVE THE HOLY GHOST.

Remember; TODAY is the DAY that YAHWEH has made, I will REJOICE and be GLAD in it. I am living, breathing, in America, and BLESSED BEYOND MEASURE. I pray all those who do not know the LORD would REPENT and come into a True Living, and Right Relationship with JESUS CHRIST; In SPIRIT and In TRUTH. Amen.

“The Bible NEVER flatters its heroes. It tells us the truth about each one of them in order that against the background of human breakdown and failure we may magnify the grace of God and recognize that it is the delight of the Spirit of God to work upon the platform of human impossibilities.” – Dr. Alan Redpath ‘The Making of a Man of GOD’

So often we just want to give up. We are hurting. The pain is too great. The depression is too deep. The drug is too strong. The marriage is on the rocks. The bills ain’t paid. The affliction won’t leave. The lust is driving you insane. The burden is too heavy. You don’t think you’re gonna make it.

JESUS tasted it all, and yet sinned not. Will GOD put on you more than you can handle? — but GOD is faithful, Who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able — That settles that then doesn’t it? In other words, GOD is saying… YOU GOT THIS. Why? Cause I GOT YOU. 1st Corinthians 10:13 HOLD Fast to the LORD and He will lead you out of the trouble. How do I know that? Well the very next part of the verse reads thusly;

“–with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be as to bear it.”

“The Lord uses His Flail of tribulation to separate the chaff from the wheat” – John Bunyan

Sometimes you just have to let go of the Fear and Trust GOD.

It gets TOUGH sometimes. Trust me I know. People smile at you and they hate your guts. Just Love them anyway. They plot on you. That’s ok too. Just shift gears, and let GOD take the wheel. Love em. People use you. That’s fine too baby. Get this in your mind, ‘IT’S ALL GOOD.’ It’s all GOOD. Smile through the tears, and learn to LOVE the pain. Keep going. It’s gonna work out in the end because GOD says He has a plan for your life, for PEACE. GOD thinks thoughts of PEACE towards you. JESUS Leaves His peace with us. Accept it.

Stay in the FIGHT.

Get up. We’re not finished yet. GET UP. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and get to your feet. We’re in a fight. That’s what the devil wants. He wants to take the fight out of you. He wants you to be defeated. Look your adversary in the eye and remember that the LORD is MIGHTY to SAVE.

You’re not done yet. Get back up. We’re gonna finish this. GOD LOVES crushed broken people that He finds in the gutters. He refines us, and reforms us. He blesses the broken. He doesn’t despise those CRUSHED in Spirit. Listen if you can hear these words. It’s not over yet. We have some more suffering to do. We have a CROSS to get up the hill. Cowards step aside. Quitters move out of the way. Posers, clear the path.

We will never live in Victory until we Live In Christ. CHRIST is VICTORY. SO GET UP. This is your VICTORY ROUND.

No weapon formed against me shall prosper, and every voice that rises against me I shall condemn, for thus is the Heritage of the Servants of the LORD YAHWEH, “And their Righteousness is of ME,” thus saith the LORD. – Isaiah 54:17

I can do ALL things through Christ Who strengthens me. – Philippians 4:13

FAITH is the evidence of things hoped for, the substance of things unseen. – Hebrews 11:1

You been waiting for that moment? That place where it all comes together, and you get a Word from the LORD YAHWEH? Well this is it. This is your Doogie Hauser journal entry. This is that moment. This is That Word. We’re GOONIES, and this is our time now. This is our town. Our homes. Our marriages. Our children. Our churches. Our LOVED ONES. OUR FIGHT! OUR FAITH! OUR GOD! This is IT.

So stop sitting around, and get this in your mind. JESUS CHRIST IS LORD OVER MY LIFE. I SHALL NOT DIE BUT LIVE TO DECLARE THE WORKS OF THE LORD. WE ARE MORE THAT CONQUERORS. This is it. FIGHT. It’s not over. GET UP. You’re not beaten. ARISE. Death where is your sting? GET UP. This is the moment. This is the secret drum technique. The crane kick. The knock out Rocky punch. “I have LOVED THEE with an EVERLASTING LOVE.” You are Loved. You are Held. Stan cannot separate us from this VITAL, and CORE central Truth; that those of us In Christ are Victors. So be Strong, and Faithful, for the LORD is our GOD.


What can I say? I’m a JESUS FREAK man.



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