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  Pastor Ken Miller update

Prison Update #5

Published on Monday, 06 June 2016
This a.m. I woke up and inadvertently listened to a song by the Ken Miller family here on SI under the Music Audio section and listened to a song called All Your Anxiety. Thinking about that dear family separated by prison walls. Then I checked on the Website and got my sermon for the day written by Pastor Ken himself. It left a big smile on my face and my own anxieties dropped away.
I took the liberty to copy it here.

"Peace and blessings to all in Jesus Christ!

Posted June 6, 2016 on

Today I had a close encounter with one of God's special creatures. I was sitting comfortably under a shade tree with my bare feet stretched out in front of me, engrossed in a book. A couple of men were sitting at a picnic table near me. The table rests on a concrete pad which has a hollowed out space underneath it.

I was interrupted from my reverie with "You'd better hold real still, Miller." I looked up, and about 8 feet from me was a black and white furry critter heading straight toward me. Again the advice from the picnic table, "If I was you, I'd hold read still." I WAS me, and I felt the urge to bolt. But to extricate myself from my comfortable position meant moving fast. I was sure my approaching friend could move faster. So in the interests of self-preservation, I stayed motionless. But my heart pounded.

Mr. Skunk came right up to my bare feet, and I felt the tickle of his gentle black nose as he sniffed my feet for about 30 seconds. Then he turned tail and ambled back to his hole under the picnic table. I breathed again.

A couple of the guys joked about the smell of Miller's feet driving the skunk away. Could be. If so, it was the first time I beat a skunk at his own game.

A lesson: Perhaps God was reminding me that it's best to face our problems rather than run from them. Running from problems almost guarantees we'll face them later at unexpected times. Just ask a certain relative of mine.

As a young girl, she ran behind the house to get away from an approaching skunk. Alas, she learned that a problem evaded is not a problem eliminated. Because as she rounded the far corner of the house, she encountered the same skunk. Running too fast to stop, she executed an artful leap right over the puzzled critter, who kept right on going his way.

That story has become part of the Miller family lore.

The second encounter happened as I was enjoying the camaraderie at the pavilion this evening. A fellow inmate was feeding the birds. He opened a Little Debbie snack and put some crumbs into his open hand. A lowly sparrow hopped onto his fingers and began to pluck morsels right off his hand. What struck me most was the look of great pleasure on the face of my fellow inmate as he fed that little bird a few feet from where I was sitting. It was a look full of tenderness, even love. That look of sublime pleasure reminded me that our Heavenly Father derives great pleasure in helping us, who are of "more value than many sparrows."

How it must grieve Him when we take our eyes off His super-abundant provisions and focus on our needs and problems. That's a sure way to sink down, as walking-on-the-water Peter would attest. Of course life is full of problems and we must face them (see skunk story above). But thank God, we can face them walking beside Him, with one hand in His and His peace in our hearts! (Isaiah 40:11b, Philippians 4:4-7)

Picture the look of pleasure on His face when we reach out to take of His provisions!

Thanks again to all of God's people for your love and prayers,

Ken Miller

Federal Correctional Center

P.O. Box 1000

Petersburg, VA 23804"

 2016/6/8 7:39

 Re: Pastor Ken Miller update

Let us remember to keep this dear brother and his family in our prayers.

...Remember the prisoners, as though in prison with them, and those are ill-treated, since you yourself are also in the body...Hebrews 13:3

Brother Blaine

 2016/6/8 13:54

Joined: 2004/7/7
Posts: 7527

 Re: Pastor Ken Miller update

Loved it.

Powerful lessons - one that delight can be found in adverse situations if one is observant. God blessed Ken with that skunk - not an animal one would normally find inspiring!


Sandra Miller

 2016/6/8 18:13Profile

 Update June 10

Pastor Miller still stands strong with a message about God's design for marriage between a man and a woman. See his latest letter at

Although he spent his 25th wedding anniversary behind bars and could not attend his daughter's wedding, he writes a very encouraging letter.

Father, we pray that you comfort this family for we know so many miss him as a husband, a dad, a son, a brother and a pastor. Lord bring him home soon. Lord forgive us in America for breaking up families with our godless laws. Help us Lord. Have mercy on us.


 2016/6/16 0:50

 Re: Update June 10

I went on and read Ken's latest update. There was an interesting phrase that occurred in his letter over his being denied community release to attend his daughter's wedding. He stated "due to the particular nature of his offense" his request was denied.

I wonder what this means? Ken is not a murderer
or rapist or jihadist. He voluntarily turned himself in to serve his time. He is in a federal minimum-security lockup. So what is the particular nature of his offense.

I can't help but think that the LBGT is involved in this. Can it be that the particular nature of our brother's offense is that he opposed to political correctness of the LBGT?

Our brother is supposed to serve 27 months in prison. I wonder if Ken eill ever see his family again. I think Ken is only the first if nany who will be imprisoned for viokating the idil of political correctness. The next step will be the guillotone.

May the Lord Jesus Christ strengthen our dear brother. But also may be strengthened those who will soon follow in his steps.

Simply my thoughts.

 2016/6/16 12:02


Brother Blaine,
The "reason" Pastor Miller is in prison is for "aiding in parental kidnapping".
U.S. Law now protects those in homosexual marriages in the same way it protects heterosexual marriage.

As you have said in many postings, those being persecuted for faith in Christ will have other labels attached to their arrests because of ungodly laws. It does not matter to a court now if a woman has repented of sin and comes to Christ and wants to protect a surrogate or adopted child from a wicked lifestyle. She was in a legal "marriage" and kidnapped her the child.

We are now seeing the consequences of turning way from God's laws in America.

Sis L

 2016/6/16 12:49


So true dear siater so true. But having read some of the articles expousing the radical agenda of the LBGT, I just wondered if another agenda was at work here?

Call me being paranoid. :-)

Appreciate you keeping us informed on the Ken's situation.

 2016/6/16 12:57

Joined: 2012/5/13
Posts: 2936


RE: ///I wonder what this means? Ken is not a murderer
or rapist or jihadist. He voluntarily turned himself in to serve his time. He is in a federal minimum-security lockup. So what is the particular nature of his offense.///

Aiding in International Parental Kidnapping is what his offence is.

I stand with what he did!!, I think it is great! I wish more Christians had more backbone like Him.

I am also thankful for the updates

But from a legal stand point his charge is legit.

Edit add: I know of a local case in which they got 30 years for a simalir situation

 2016/6/16 12:59Profile


Will anyone venture a guess as to whether our brother will be put to death for what he did?

This question is far from being hypothetical. So far the LBGT has been successful in getting federal law to protect them because of the redefinition of marriage by thr Supreme Court. A radical minority with deep pockets has been able to force their agenda across the nation. And that with Federal backing.

There are radical elements within the humanistic movement. And that would include the LBGT who are calling for the extermination of Christians. Far from being a lunatic left-wing fringe. These people hold Master's and PhD degrees. These people call themselves Progressive Socialist Activists. In their mindset Christian stand in the way of a harmonious and tolerant society. These Progressive Socialist Activists speak quite candidly and calmly that Christians should be exterminated. This thinking is being echoed here in America.

If we think this will never happen here. Remember the thinking of Nietzsche that influence the likes of Adolf Hitler. And remember what that gave rise to. Liberals are already being influenced by the thinking of the radical right-wing humanistic element. It will only be a matter of time before laws will be passed which will call for the extermination of Christians.

Thus I wonder if our dear brother will ever see the light of day. As I said in my previous post. I believe Ken will be the first of many to follow. And the path all ultimately lead to the guillotine or whatever other means maybe used to put believers to death.

Again simply my thoughts.

 2016/6/16 13:20

Joined: 2012/5/13
Posts: 2936


RE: /// Will anyone venture a guess as to whether our brother will be put to death for what he did?///

I will guess that he will not be put to death for this incident.

He may be sued, The local case that I mentioned I believe they where sued multimillions

 2016/6/16 14:17Profile

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