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 Canada's Trangender Legislation: An Attack on Religious Liberty

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s “hate-speech” bill is working its way through the legislative process and is expected to become law in the coming weeks. The bill, C-16, would amend current laws to make it a “hate-crime” — punishable by up to two years imprisonment — to speak out against transgenderism. Canada has enforced similar laws that ban “hate-speech” against homosexuals.

This legislation has failed several times before, but the difference this time is that the bill has the support not only of the Liberal Party (which Trudeau leads) but of the Conservative Party, which has previously opposed the bill. According to a May 20 report in the Moose Jaw Times Herald, members of a homosexual activist group there are “optimistic.” From that article: ...

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 Re: Canada's Trangender Legislation: An Attack on Religious Liberty

Wow. Astounding

 2016/6/6 21:28

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John Bunyan went to prison because he was unwilling to align himself with the demands of the state against the cause of Christ.

John Baptist lost his head.

I hope that believers in Canada are just as resolved to follow the Lord and proclaim the truth regardless of the temporary consequences of this world.


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