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Sure glad you followed up your prior post with this one because I was going to tell ya not to play with fire lest you get burnt. The Holy Spirit is evidence of the resurrection and a down payment of things to come without a doubt.


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Someone posted this to the Jew hating Julius

"You are obviously following an anti-Israel agenda. You even twist scripture references to suit your agenda. Everybody can quote scripture.

When Stephan Sizer was put under discipline by the Church of England who is not known for promoting Zionism, does that not teach you something?

I checked the links you posted and they are highly biased and loaded with anti-Israel propaganda. They play into the hands of those who pursue the destruction of the state of Israel and you throw in your lot with them.

You are posing a stumbling block to those who get offended by that and provoking strong reactions in them. It really sickens me. "

this is his end game.

 2016/6/8 20:10

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Thank you,tozso,
For starting this post about,THE KINGDOM OF GOD,....
I am so happy to continue.

PLEASE ! .....I beg you that are disrupting,..
Please,start another post,on the subjects you wish to discuss,and if
any wishes to commune on your subject,We will join you.

Thank you,Julius,...yes,we do want very much. to continue.

And,I too,want to thank Greg,for giveing us this opportunity for such an important and dear subject,to Our Lord's heart.

Only in Him,and for Him,who has done SO MUCH,for us,....He has ran ahead of us,and took care of us,SO MANY TIMES,and we thank Him.



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Julius stated:

"Do you deny we are "seated with Christ in heavenly places". "New Heavens" is figurative speech to communicate a spiritual reality to us.

Why do we need physical new heavens. In eternal life, heavens aren't physical, they are spiritual. "



"We are experiencing aspects of eternal life, now on earth? Peace with God, union with Christ, freedom to not sin, grace to overcome, power over Satan and the flesh, ruling and reigning with Christ over the powers of darkness, having all the power of heaven at our disposal through prayer and fasting, and just asking Jesus, etc, etc?

You think "new heavens and new earth" are physical, I get it. "

no you do not get it

and so much more anti-Christ nonsense is available from him like this

"This is why you and others use the word literal. You want to convince us that the prophetic figurative speech the Holy Spirit is using in the OT to teach spiritual realities in the NT is literal and not figurative."

Only when it suits your agenda it is literal and when it does not it is spiritual.

For example:

The parts you should not believe is when the scriptures refer to Israel and the Jews. Never take these passages literally. Always replace those words with the words Church or religion within the context of the passage.. But never, ever think that God is speaking to the descendants of Abraham when speaking to the descendants of Abraham. It is simply an illusion and a spiritual one at that. Just like the resurrection of the Lord.

 2016/6/8 20:48


So here we have Julius tellings us that eternal life in the kingdom of God
Is not physical, not material but purely some sort of spiritual, non material kingdom
without any discernible form. What this is beyond me and more importantly
not taught by the Word of God.

Now today he tells us supposedly when he quotes John 20 making it to appear that he in agreement with what the scripture states about Jesus having his physical body, flesh and bone and not a spirit as he appears to Thomas after his resurrection.

Now how will the real tangible Jesus ,who is flesh and bone being made of physical matter having been raised from the deal rule and reign over a purely spiritual kingdom? How will the spirits see him in his invisible vapour like intangible kingdom? How will anyone see anyone else if everyone is a disembodied spirit.? And so many more unanswerable questions because this is an impossibly. Jesus is either the King of a real and material physical kingdom or you have to invent another jesus ,a spirt beingl to rule over the spiritual kingdom that Julius tells us is the real thing.

I believe he is masking his tune to give us the appearance that he believes what he does not believe, What the Bible says about the risen Lord Jesus Christ does not fit into his equation. In order to make any sense with the rest of his story we have to conclude that his jesus is a spirit jesus in order to rule over a spirit kingdom. A spiritual kingdom with a spiritual jesus.
This spirit is not the Spirit of the Lord.

 2016/6/8 21:53

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 Re: Thank you IntheLight

That's good info I'm going to go through again. Very useful.

David Winter

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The position of SermonIndex as well as godly saints from the past in the Church is that there is a 1000 year physical kingdom on earth in the end times. The early Church believers, Scriptures and Church history shows this.

This statement of faith from the underground house churches in china speak of this clearly:

7. The Last Days
! We believe Christ will return, but no one except the Father knows the date of His return.1239 On the day when Christ returns, He will come in glory and power on the clouds with the angels.1240 On that day, the angels will blow the trumpet, and those who were dead in Christ will rise first. After that, all born again Christians who are still alive will also be transformed.1241 Their bodies will all be glorified, and they will all be caught up together in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air.1242
! The saints will then reign together with Christ for a thousand years,1243 during which Satan will be cast into the Abyss. When the thousand years are over, Satan will be released temporarily and will go out to deceive the nations until he is finally thrown into the lake of burning sulfur.1244 After that, Christ will sit on the great white throne to judge men from each nation, tribe and people. Everyone will rise from the dead and be judged before the throne. If anyone’s name is not found written in the Book of life, he will
be thrown into the lake of fire. The former heaven
and earth will be consumed by fire. Death and Hades will also be thrown into the fire.1245
! Those whose names are found written in the Book of life will enter into the new heaven and the new earth, living there with God forever.1246 We believe that while waiting for the coming of the Lord, believers should serve the Lord with great diligence, preach the Word of life,1247 and bear abundant fruits in their words, actions, faith, love and holiness. We also believe that those who do this shall receive all kinds of rewards.1248
! As for whether the rapture happens before, during or after the great tribulation, we recognize that each denomination has its own conviction, and therefore there is no absolute conclusion in regard to this. The duty of each Christian is to be alert1249 and prepare himself for the coming of the Lord.1250


Towards personal attacks in this thread and claims of people hating jews, etc. Saints, please show grace, love and do not argue with each other by name-calling. This type of arguing is hurtful and does not bear witness of Christ's Spirit. We do not hold to an anti-jewish emphasis on SermonIndex to be clear.

We are locking this thread.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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