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Yes LORD! be exalted in the midst and drive out satan in whatever form they take.
No more deceit and deception be accommodated in this fellowship.
In Jesus mighty and holy name remove all things that would try to obstruct and diffuse your eternal purposes for this place.


 2016/6/8 13:12

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I suppose it would be good for you to start it off by example as to what you guys may have in mind when you make such a request. Are you looking for instances where we saw the Kingdom of God in action, a rhema word from the logos or???? what?


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Dothan, Alabama

 Re: brother Sreeram and sister Elizabeth


I too have the same mind regarding the kingdom of God:)

Jesus said it is like a mustard seed that when planted, over time becomes a great tree whereby shade and solace is provided for those whom seek it in the branches... So my understanding is that when the gospel (seed) takes root in the good ground of our hearts (as opposed to just our minds/rocky ground) then it begins to grow us up in Christ who is the head.
The scriptures tell us to "grow in Christ" which is to say grow in the kingdom or "seek the kingdom" and also tells us to persevere till "Christ be formed in us" which is to say till the kingdom has come to fruition in us.

In my understanding we "grow in Christ" by obedience, which is to say feeding on His word/flesh and prayer/intercession, preaching the gospel, etc... where as "Christ is formed in us" or "we are conformed into the image of Christ" by Him growing Himself in us (progressive sanctification/holiness).
One part is ours and one part is His, hence we co-labor with Christ...

Many know Him as savior...
Some know Him as Lord...
Few know Jesus as King~

In order for us to truly abide in Him (again in my understanding) we must accept Him as King and whatever the King says is law and any nonconformity is rebellion/sin...

"And in those days Israel was without a KING and everyman went about doing what appeared to be right in his OWN eyes and became a law unto HIMSELF"


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According to the letters of John : What does : "Every spirit that confesseth that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh.."

look like , what Is the attributes that are given ?

in comparison :

According to the letters of John what does : "every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh .."

look like , what Is the attributes that are given ?

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 Re: Meanwhile the quotes

If this person has supposedly made these statements on several occasions and you have said you have the quotes readily available then why not share them? Julius has given you the green light to produce them so why not prove your case?

David Winter

 2016/6/8 13:47Profile


Those who deny that Jesus came in the flesh are of the anti-Christ spirit. This is one of the ways to discern a false teacher or false teaching on the nature of Jesus.

John is writing after the resurrection and is using perfect tense in Greek, which denotes a past action with continuing results into the present and continuing on into the future. He came in the flesh, rose in the flesh, and is still in the flesh. The same body that He was born and died with, He rose with. If one claims that Christ rose as a spirit creature, and not physically, they are of the anti -Christ spirit and are denying the third point of the Gospel. And they are not saved by the gospel, because they deny it.

The present tense in Greek is applied to something in the past, and continues in the present forever. This same tense is applied to Jesus’ bodily resurrection. 2 Jn.7 also addresses this warning “For many deceivers have gone out into the world who do not confess Jesus Christ as coming in the flesh, this is a deceiver and an antichrist”.

In this epistle John uses the present tense in Greek which focuses specifically on the future coming of the Lord. People who deny Jesus has come in the flesh and rose in spirit, not in the body, are of the spirit of antichrist. (1 Jn. 4:2 focuses on the past, continuing to the future. 2 Jn. 7 focuses specifically on the future). The fact is that Jesus rose again in the same body and is coming back in this SAME body. As Acts 1:11 he will come in the same manner he left, visibly to all with the physical eye and in the Fathers glory which he had before the world began (Jn.17:5,2; Mt 24:30.)"

 2016/6/8 13:49



If I ask you who Jesus is you will tell me and what you will say
will line up with the Word of God and the witness of the Holy Spirit I am sure.

When asked this person did not respond but continues to camouflage
and go in circles. He has proclaimed another spirit and another jesus on a number of occasions, Many of the brethren here know it and some have told me as much. Producing the evidence is easy, just read his many posts and you will be able to parse the information yourself.

Also the Spirit bears witness that we are children of God and he also warns of the anti-Christ spirit that permeates so much of religion. Even in this place sadly.

 2016/6/8 14:03


Elizabeth, I'm really sorry that they are continuing their inquisition on your thread. People that know me and read my posts know that they are spouting pure libel and slander. I guess they missed my recent comment in a thread about Thomas and Jesus when we were talking about the Lord's body.

John 20:27
Then saith he to Thomas, Reach hither thy finger, and behold my hands; and reach hither thy hand, and thrust it into my side: and be not faithless, but believing.

One wonders what it is about the Kingdom of God that they don't want to hear? Why else did they choose your thread to attack two people? I think they are just trying to get it shutdown, so I won't engage them and this will be my last word on the subject. I don't understand why they get away with so much, especially, such blatant attacks on people.

 2016/6/8 14:36

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Proud papa,
With much seeking and thought,this what I believe what this Scripture,
" every Spirit that confesses that Jesus has come in the flesh, "
" every spirit that confesses not,that Jesus has come in ( our) the flesh,"

* Every spirit that confesses NOT that Jesus has come into our flesh,....
Meaning,every spirit that is NOT of God,...
far-instant,( whatever that comes up in me,you,or anyone,)
Like,unforgiveness spirit,..a hatred spirit,......a contention spirit,....a lying ....etc....Whatever that is not Godly.

IT is an ANTI- CHRIST spirit
Meaning,it is AGAIST Christ. ( Anti Christ)

On the other hand,..Every Spirit that resonates / comes from / confesses,
That Jesus Christ has come into our flesh,....( the fruits of The Spirit,..
Love,Joy ,Peace,Long-suffering,gentleness,kindness,...etc.
His attributes,)...God' [ly]Spirit is of God.

We do not just confess with our mouths,...We confess by how we are ,
Our actions.

Is that how you see it Proud papa ?

You ask such a GREAT question



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Elibeth, RE: /// Is that how you see it Proud papa ?///


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