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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Openly satanic ritual inaugurating Swiss tunnel

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 Re: brother Tim

Yeah I thought the same thing,...which got me to thinking how many more "ceremonies" like this are going on that fly under the radar of mainstream media coverage?
This was an event to open a transit line??!
Def seems like more is going on here than had been previously imagined,..

I mean there's a reason this didn't even ping the radar here in America and like you, I found it somewhat sinister.


 2016/6/5 21:44Profile


It is a bit hard to get a proper balanced view from news reports.
I checked several Swiss news sites and only the liberal medias are reporting the show in more details and even they call it "bizzare " . It seems to be an embarrassment and most of the readers comments I have read are against the show.

 2016/6/5 22:35

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