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 Shutting Down: America’s Largest Distributor of Christian Products

The largest distributor of Christian products in the United States has announced plans to “wind down operations” due to competition from online retailers and the financial hit from the bankruptcy of Family Christian Stores (FCS), a major client.

Send the Light Distribution (STL)—which shipped to more than 10,000 Christian retailers, mostly US bookstores—will wind down its 42 years of “service to the global Christian supply chain” this summer.

The Tennessee-based company used to ship more than 25,000 Bibles a day. But these days, it’s a lot easier—and often, cheaper—to get a Bible on Amazon. ...

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 Re: Shutting Down: America’s Largest Distributor of Christian Products

Honestly, Being originally from their home base area in Dallas, Family Christian has been on the ropes for years. Many stores closing. Other stores like Mardel made an impact on them, as well as "convenient" bookstores right inside of the megachurches where many of the people who bought stuff from Family go on Sunday's.

But I can tell you what likely had the biggest impact on Family: Amazon & Christian Book Distributors (CBD) online sales. I now get 95%+ of what I want from those 2 sources & I am not alone. I guarantee you that as Family (& Lifeway & similar setups) have gone done, the online stores have gone up by at least the same %.

 2016/6/3 10:41

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It sort of sounds like Blockbuster's stubborn refusal to get with the times. They are out of business too.


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