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Discussion Forum : Miracles that follow the plow : Good bro neilgin

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 my "Mr" Bill

who is precious to me, LET ME comfort YOU for your last 4 years, as you comfort me with words more precious than rubies or gold....feel my spirit, embracing yours, In Jesus love, your brother neil with much love

 2016/6/5 1:47

 tzadik Carmine

no accident in God, that you posted the 116th Psalm, for the 16th verse are the words of my favorite Carlebach song, entitled "Ana HaShem"

" O Lord, truly I am Your servant;
I am Your servant, the son of Your maidservant;
You have loosed my bonds."

ever since I was boy, I have prayed to God these very Words, and sung this song, it is a Comfort, and I always feel something deeper than words can describe when I speak Hebrew....this is for you, with love, a hug and a kiss, neil

 2016/6/5 2:00

 Sweet "Sis L"

just so you know my heart, in May 2002, when God revealed His Son Jesus TO me and IN me, my GREATEST JOY was that Yahweh had been ingrafting Billions of Gentiles into the Vine, as it seemed to me, Yahweh was "being hoarded" and the not proclaimed throughout the ALL the nations.....

in Jesus love, neil

 2016/6/5 2:09

 my father in the Faith

Bro. D Miller, I hug and kiss your neck with Jesus love, neil

more words aren't needed, you know my heart to you. xo.

 2016/6/5 2:13

 Mother Sandra

I love you in Jesus love, neil

 2016/6/5 2:14

 brother Gary

i'm ok......who couldn't be? without the steadfast love and faithfulness of God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Gary, I've never been wild about the majority of the CCM industry, but there are a few songs I hear, where the singer loves God, here is such one, "Spin".....he is singing about Jesus and him, I feel EXACTLY as he does, this is for you:

in Jesus love, neil

 2016/6/5 2:33

 brothers David and Jeff

its 0145 Sunday Morning, and I am fading fast, but I couldn't let the night go without loving on you both with Jesus' love.....and "giving" you a song that is special to me, "Only a Shadow"...may it bless you as you have blessed me, much love in Messiah, neil

 2016/6/5 2:53

Joined: 2003/11/23
Posts: 4656

 Re: brothers David and Jeff

Hi Brother Neil,

I just saw this post and thread. I'm praying for you. May the Lord's peace continue to sustain you.


 2016/6/5 12:04Profile

Joined: 2010/11/20
Posts: 1480


I was one who didn't post, Neil. Haven't checked in a couple days and just saw this... May the peace of God reign in your heart. Sending love and prayers...

 2016/6/5 20:58Profile

 Mama and Chris

I covet your prayers, and may God love you both for the love you have shown me, and my mother. Thanks be to the LORD, I have passed thru the tunnel of grief, I love you both with the love of Messiah Jesus, your brother neil, holy kisses

 2016/6/6 4:29

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