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 The Episcopal Church's wildest bishop

The Episcopal Church's wildest bishop

The Episcopal Church's wildest prelate, retired Bishop John Spong, has just written a new book: "The Sins of Scripture." And the New York Times writes: "This book is long overdue."

Why is it long overdue?

Columnist Nicholas Kristoff opens his column on Spong with two illustrations of hot news:

"Even aside from his arguments that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married and that St. Paul was a self-hating gay, the new book by a former Episcopal bishop of Newark is explosive."

And Spong's long series of such explosions keep selling enough to make money for his publishers, and to keep his name reverberating throughout the left-wing dominated Old Big Media.

A majority of the denomination's leaders have had neither the courage nor the loyalty to put this Holy Scripture-bashing sensationalist on ecclesiastical trial.

For this, they have paid a heavy price. In the years since Spong was consecrated and began his attempted evisceration of so many Christian beliefs, the Episcopal Church has lost more than a million of its members and is now down to 2.2 million – even as Roman Catholicism and the Southern Baptist Convention continue growing.

What else beside the Spong-alleged marriage of Jesus and Mary Magdalene and the Spong-alleged homosexuality of St. Paul?

"The bishop also tries to cast doubt on the idea that Judas betrayed Jesus. He notes that the earliest New Testament writings, of Paul and the source known as Q, don't mention a betrayal by Judas."

What about all four Gospels that do report a betrayal by Judas?

But that, of course, is a vain question to raise regarding this Episcopal Church-tolerated Gospels-basher.

Columnist Kristoff writes: "Some of the bishop's ideas strike me as more provocative than persuasive."

For example: "Some early Christian thinkers even tried to preserve the Virgin Mary's honor by raising the possibility that Jesus had been born through her ear"

Just how many "early Christian thinkers" raised the possibility of a Jesus ear-birth?

And why are they described as "thinkers"?

On the other hand, the existence of anything as crazy as the ear-birth advocates does illustrate one of the Christian church's most serious problems – from ear-birth to renegades like Jack Spong.

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Josh Parsley

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 Re: The Episcopal Church's wildest bishop

I hope apostate spong realizes that hell is a million degrees hot.

 2005/5/31 18:53

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