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you wrote:

"Actually, it's being reported in the Russian News (Sputnik) & Iranian News sources. Sadly, foreign world news sources tend to be more credible these days on certain things than the American Main Stream Media sources. "

indeed. But that's what happens when 6 major corporations own 90% of mass media in the US. there's the lie of untruth, but there is also the lie of OMMISSION, and that's what you have inherent in ANY main stream American news media.....or popular entertainment.

and 98% of our fellow citizens care little, content with their bread and circuses. Do you really think its an accident in this electoral cycle, the three remaining figures are Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders?

I could expound more on this, but only wish to testify that this is only a part of the manifestation of the "spirit of Babylon" come to roost and make habitation in this nation.

my grief knows no end.

 2016/6/1 6:22

 Re: Neil

I was going to mention that too, that 6 men/agencies own all the major news agencies/sources in the U.S. MSM, but some people consider that "conspiracy theory" (even though it's just a fact). Sometimes these days, the truth is "stranger than fiction". 😊

 2016/6/1 9:35

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Still looking for a reputable source that turkey has invaded Syria and that we are on the brink of war with Russia.

Even msnbc might report on that.


 2016/6/1 9:41Profile

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