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Discussion Forum : Scriptures and Doctrine : The Mount of Transfiguration...A Shifting of Redemotive History

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Is the bible not living word when we read it enlightened by the Holy Spirit?
Sorry wrong post. This is just what you said.
My point is that we can not listen to Jesus without checking with the bible, and we can not read the bible without checking with Jesus. Can you agree with that?

 2016/6/1 14:32


The Bible says that Jesus is the Word John 1:1. The Bible is the Fountain but is not the source. The living word is the direct, immediate, communication of the Spirit with our spirits. The Bible is the writings of those who communicated directly with the Spirit and is only understood by those who are in the same Spirit.

 2016/6/1 14:41


Amen, Brenda.

Faced with two job offers, I must pray and get the mind of Christ on the matter regarding which job to take. The living word will lead me and I will not find a verse in the bible for that (per say). The Lord has given verses along with the Holy Spirit's witness to lead and does do that. When you walk with the Lord you get to know how He works. I'm just saying you can't look up a black and white word on what to do in all situations. Jesus wants us to come to Him, to depend on Him, the Person, otherwise He would have left us with a book ONLY (no Holy Spirit).

I will however find many verses on how the Lord leads His children, but I will not personally be led by Him unless I am in relationship with His Spirit and have a yielded heart.

The Bible is objective truth. We must make it subjective by being a "doer of the word".

 2016/6/1 15:13


I believe we all are saying the same thing perhaps in different ways. It is the Spirit and the truth. Both are needed how to hear from God.

 2016/6/1 15:20



If you are in prison and don't have a bible you can depend on the Lord's voice. His voice is dependable to those who know it.

 2016/6/1 15:21


Bear, I think we are all touching on the same truths. Truth is a many faceted gem.

 2016/6/1 16:14


"If you are in prison and don't have a bible you can depend on the Lord's voice. His voice is dependable to those who know it."
These people in prison either have heard about Jesus before, or hearing presently from those who have read the records of Him in the Bible. I do not worry about them.
But I do worry about those Muslims who saw Jesus in a dream and never in their life before or after had any knowledge about the bible (and its message) either by reading or by others speaking about it.
Romans 10:14
How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher?
Why do we need missionaries and evangelists, if the Holy Spirit by himself will do that job. Why do we need the Bible?

 2016/6/1 17:40


The Holy Spirit builds the church with Jesus as corner stone, the Apostles and prophets as funding stones and us Christians as building stones.
Would He build a church without the funding stones?
Ephesians 2:20
"And are built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ himself being the chief corner stone;"

 2016/6/1 18:06

 Re: Tozso

My sister there are credible reports of authetic conversions of Muslen Background Believers who have seen Jesus in a vision or dream. In every case those who have such dreans do embrace Jesus and follow Him. For some after having such a dream the journey may take weeks or months. And there may be mkre than one dream or vision. But in the end the Muslem who comes to Jesus is willing to follow Him. Even to death if necessary. And some are martyred.

Often in the dream or visiom Jesus will direct the seeking Muslem to get an Nijil. This is Arabic for New Testament. The seeking Muslem still needs to be directed to the Word of truth to know Jesus. Often the seeker will be directed to other MBB's who have experienced Jesus in a dream ir vision to help the seeker grow.

Consider the case of Cornelius. He had a vision of an angel of God. That angel could have told Cornelius to repent and believe in Jesus. But Cornelius had to send for Peter to hear the gospel.

My sister a Muslem may have a dream or vision of Jesus. But the seeking Muslem still needs the New Testament to know how to come to Jesus in saving faith and life. And they still need the New Testament to grow in Jesus. If anything the written Word is more precious to the Muslem seeker becsuse they have met the Author of the book.

Dear sister I will address your other questions when I get hone. I hope this helps.

 2016/6/1 18:25


"Often in the dream or visiom Jesus will direct the seeking Muslem to get an Nijil. This is Arabic for New Testament."

Exactly this is what I meant. They do need the bible Jesus does not want them to go without it. So do we.

 2016/6/1 18:53

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