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 Good "non-bashing" sermon for a Catholic to listen to?

To those of you who were saved out of Catholicism, can you recommend a helpful sermon/teaching to share with a young man who is struggling to understand what it means to be saved by grace and not works?

 2016/5/30 13:24

 Re: Good "non-bashing" sermon for a Catholic to listen to?

Lot of great testimonies full of grace, here. Former Catholics, finding Jesus.

Testimonies sometimes are better than preaching, especially for Catholics.

 2016/5/30 13:26


Julias writes........

"Testimonies sometimes are better than preaching, especially for Catholics."

I totally agree with that. What I have found most effective when speaking to Catholics ( I am an ex-Catholic) is speaking about my personal relationship with Jesus, how I speak to him and how He speaks to me. Avoid using words like " pray." almost all Catholic pray of have prayed at one time or another and that means reciting something like the Lord's prayer or a Hail Mary, totally different concepts to simply speaking directly to Jesus without going through some mediator. Another key Scripture that I have found effective with Catholics is John chapter 3. The need to be " born again," totally confuses most Catholics so it is nice to talk about what that actually means as opposed to infant baptism of first holy communion. Hope that helps some Mark................bro Frank

 2016/5/30 14:47


Thanks Juliius and Frank...these are helpful thoughts. The young man appeared to have come to Christ; prayed and asked Christ to be his Savior but he balked at water baptism and said he wasn't ready and his parents wouldn't approve. He is 18. He was coming to our fellowship for a girl but she soon discovered that he wasn't born again and the more she saw how little interest he had in the Lord the less she was interested in him. She eventually told him so and broke off the relationship. Now he is asking me questions but I wonder if he is sincerely seeking Christ or just trying to win the girls heart back.

 2016/5/30 15:21

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