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Discussion Forum : Revivals And Church History : The great need of our day is prayer

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 The great need of our day is prayer

"We live in a day characterized by the multiplication of man's machinery and the diminution of God's power. The great cry of our day is work, work, work, new organizations, new methods, new machinery; the great need of our day is prayer.

It was a master stroke of the devil when he got the church so generally to lay aside this mighty weapon of prayer. The devil is perfectly willing that the church should multiply its organizations, and deftly contrive machinery for the conquest of the world for Christ if it will only give up praying. He laughs as he looks at the church to-day and says to himself:

"You can have your Sunday-schools and....your brilliant preachers and your revival efforts too, if you don't bring the power of Almighty God into them by earnest, persistent, believing, mighty prayer."

Prayer could work as marvelous results today as it ever could, if the church would only betake itself to it...

It is not necessary that the whole church get to praying to begin with. Great revivals always begin first in the hearts of a few men and women whom God arouses by His Spirit to believe in Him as a living God, as a God who answers prayer, and upon whose heart He lays a burden from which no rest can be found except in importunate crying unto God."

- R.A. Torrey

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 Re: The great need of our day is prayer

I feel like I just finished having a cup of coffee with R.A. Torrey and shared a burden with him. These are the exact words he would have spoken to comfort and encourage me.


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 Re: The great need of our day is prayer

May there be a revival of prayer amongst us..
IN JESUS name..


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