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"You mean ESV Only controversy?.."

Lol. You are really something Julius. I never said (nor did anyone else) anything about "ESV Only". Please Don't try to force feed (false) words into my mouth. I have every (respectable/honorable) translation they make - FYI. I just was saying I prefer the ESV personally & explaining why. Let's not be dramatic, ok?

God Bless,

 2016/5/26 12:45

 Re: Julius and Jeff

Brothers any messages off Sermon Index that are stirring in your souls?

 2016/5/26 12:49


Edited for additional comment at the end:

"The Judgment seat of Christ" from Leonard Ravenhill is definitely one that sticks out in my memory personally!

Many messages from Art Katz, David Wilkerson, Michael Brown ("Called to Die" sticks out in my mind), Leonard Ravenhill, John Piper (especially on Missions & Evangelism as well as the Holiness & Splendour of God), Paul Washer (on the Gospel, the New Birth, Regeneration, Sin, apostasy, Love, etc.), etc. I also love to read Andrew Murray's books.

These are some of those who had the greatest impact on me personally.

God Bless,

I also agree on Brian Long's message on persecution and the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. Very good. Could Tangibly sense the anointing in that one big time.

 2016/5/26 12:50


Anen Jeff. There is definitely an anointing on brother Brian's message. The persecution of the church and the baptism of the Holy Spirit. I remember as he was preaching that message. His church back in Barnstall had the live feed on mute. And they were praying as tge brother was preaching. I believe that's why that message still carries the anointing today

It reminds me so much of the furnace room of Spurgeon. The power in Spurgeon's preaching was not in his rhetorical ability. But it was in those intercessors who were praying for him in the basement where the furnace was.

God grant that other men will be raised up as brother Brian to call out the sleeping church in America to awaken to the urgency of the hour.

Bro Blaine

 2016/5/26 13:18

 Re: Rewind and Repeat

by AlmostHome on 2016/5/24 19:25:00

I'm listening to a sermon that I've heard quite a few times and I never, ever get tired of! It's called Full Surrender by Mark Greening. I love Mark Greening. He tells the truth without the Fruity Pebbles. There are several sermons that I never get tired of listening to, actually. And that made me think:

Are there any sermons that YOU have enjoyed time and time again? I thought it would be great to have a thread where people could share those sermons that are close to their hearts.

Almosthome, listen to this one.

God Uses Foolish Things - by Jackie Pullinger

 2016/5/27 9:18

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