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I don't think ESV omitted any verses. It is a "Word for Word" translation. What that likely means is that the other translation you're looking at (KJV? NLT? NIV?) probably is adding in what they thought the writer "meant" or "intended". ESV doesn't have ANY omitted verses to my knowledge.

 2016/5/26 0:01

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RE:///I don't think ESV omitted any verses. It is a "Word for Word" translation. What that likely means is that the other translation you're looking at (KJV? NLT? NIV?) probably is adding in what they thought the writer "meant" or "intended".///

It is a textual issue

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Very interesting findings.

The following verses are omitted from the ESV Bible in their entirety but are found in the Textus Receptus Greek New Testament, the text which underlies the New Testament of Reformation-era translations:

Matthew 17.21, 18.11, 23.14
Mark 7.16, 9.44, 9.46, 11.26, 15.28
Luke 17.36, 23.17
John 5.4
Acts 8.37, 15.34, 28.29
Romans 16.24
1 John 5.7 (the famous Trinitarian reading known as the Johannine Comma is omitted without any footnote to explain its omission)

 2016/5/26 8:45


Oh boy. Looks like the KJV controversy next up.

 2016/5/26 9:17


Thanks for the post, I listened to the sermon
and it was very encouraging to me. It is an important message and I recommend it to everyone especially those who need a breakthrough in their Christian walk.

I also do not agree with the part about his wife. I believe God does not tempt/upset/hurt any of his children through the good deeds of his good people.
Luke 17:1
"Then said he unto the disciples, It is impossible but that offences will come: but woe unto him, through whom they come!"
James 1:13
"Let no man say when he is tempted, I am tempted of God: for God cannot be tempted with evil, neither tempteth he any man.."

I believe the speaker was deceived, or not willing to admit a sin, when referred to an urgent matter.
"It is always Satan who makes us do things like this - making things seem like urgent and that no-one lese can do them."
I thought the same thing.

The quoted verses:
Mark 10:23-31 and Luke 14:25-33
These verses according to the context refer to someone becoming a disciple and rearranging his priorities leaving worldly things behind. It was not intended to be an excuse for someone who already has God in the first place in his life to disrespect his wife or anyone else.

Favorite sermon:
There is a book (articles) by Andrew Murray with a similar topic called "Absolute Surrender". It also can greatly change how we view things, just as this sermon does, and it is one of my favorites.
There is an audio version of it also:

 2016/5/26 11:58


I personally don't want to get involved in any more "controversial threads", especially if the discussion involves the potential for some to bear down in the place of "I must be right" (which I also am not immune to, so I will avoid that like the plague). I have looked at detail over the years into the KJV, NLT, ESV, NASB, NIV (older & newer form), etc. & have no interest in getting in the weeds on this one. I especially don't want to talk "Textus Recepticus" with the "KJV Only" crowd (or the "I'm not KJV ONLY, I just defend it like I am" crowd) either. The ESV is as solid a "Word for Word" translation as there is. Most all non-KJV Only scholars agree on this. I'm not getting in the weeds on this one. Sorry.
God Bless,

 2016/5/26 12:02



by bearmaster on 2016/5/26 9:17:55

Oh boy. Looks like the KJV controversy next up.

You mean ESV controversy? No, I have no appetite for it.

 2016/5/26 12:23


FYI - I honestly didn't listen to the OP sermon, nor was commenting on that.

I merely was responding to the broad brush general statements that I (& scripture & church history) do not agree with. While there may be error in the OP being addressed, the right Biblical solution is never an equal & opposite error on the other side that has no Biblical or historical balance. The answer to apparent so called Biblical contradictions is always "more Bible". The full sum of the whole counsel of scripture.

While that passage/s (& others like it/them) does speak much on leaving worldly goods behind, you have to be intentionally ignoring the very clear statements about family (even wife specifically) or something? We are to never neglect our wife/family, while at the same time we are never to neglect the Lord, His Christ, His Gospel, His calling, etc. If the two seemingly "conflict", then what you're proposing is "choose family first", & I contend that the scriptures are crystal clear that our love & obedience doesn't contradict it, but "trumps" all. Jesus, the apostles, early church, much of the modern worldwide church, etc. were/are crystal clear on this both in doctrine & example.

No one said anything about disrespecting their wife (I sure didn't). But the issue is loving wife, children, brethren, neighbor, lost, etc. but all in secondary submission to our primary "first love" of Jesus preimmenently. This is what scripture clearly teaches in balance, doctrine & example.

Art Katz said one time in a message called "Daughters of Sarah" (based on the NT principle in scripture of this & being in submission, a husbands headship role in the family, a wife's Biblically ordained right response, etc.) a man & his wife came forward at the end of a meeting. The wife said "my husband thinks we are to sell our successful business & move our family to the mission field! I told him as soon as God tells me, then I'll go!" Art gracefully, "in an understanding way considering the wife as the weaker vessel" said, "o dear precious daughter: if the Lord has spoken to your husband, He has already spoken to & concerning you. God appointed Him over you under Himself." Our modern feminist cultural thinking from childhood doesn't like that, but it doesn't make it any less true.

Again, I'm not speaking to the OP & message AT ALL. Merely the "reactionary" over statements of broad brush generalizations that followed (that I already highlighted, particularly the Unbiblical in-historical view that missions should be for the single people & not the family). David Wilkerson preached & taught against this error in thinking. John Piper does. David Platt does. Art Katz did. The very lives of William Carey, Afonirum Judson, & countless others did. The teachings & examples of Jesus, the apostles, the early church, the modern historical church the world around, etc. speaks volumes otherwise. To emphatically presume to teach & say otherwise is not Biblical & a careless opinion & poor extraction of truth from scripture IMHO,

 2016/5/26 12:37

 Re: Back on Track

Okay the brother who started this thread asked if there were any sermons that we like to listen to on Sermon Index. It seems this thread has gotten off track. Let us honor this brother and get his thread back on track.

There have been several sermons that I have listened to on Sermon Index so it is hard to point out one particular sermon that stands out. Each of them have ministered to me in different ways.

Those that I have listened to more than once are An Oral History of the Anabaptists by Denny Kenniston. Actually I have never gotten through the entire series of about 6 or 7 messages. I always get to the first three. And then get convicted on message 3. Here our brother talks about "galasenheit". That is total surrender to the will of God. Very convicting as well as very encouraging. In that series Denny speaks of persecution in the future. Again a very sobering message.

Also I have benefited from the messages by Art Katz. It goes without saying that his messages are very timely and prophetic.

Perhaps the one message that has stirred my soul as I've listened to it about 3 or 4 times is a message by our brother Brian Long. In this message he speaks of upcoming persecution on the N. American church and the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Despite its subject content this is actually a very encouraging message. I was in Atlanta shouting amen and hallelujah when our brother gave this message. Even after two years this message carries a power and an anointing that would benefit any who listen to it.

Trying to listen now to Owen Roberts as he contrasts an experienced centered revival with the word centered revival.

These are some of the SI messages that have a edified and blessed me.

Bro Blaine

 2016/5/26 12:40


Brothers and sisters what are some messages that have stirred your soul from The archives of sermon index?

 2016/5/26 12:44

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