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 Rewind and Repeat

I'm listening to a sermon that I've heard quite a few times and I never, ever get tired of! It's called Full Surrender by Mark Greening. I love Mark Greening. He tells the truth without the Fruity Pebbles. There are several sermons that I never get tired of listening to, actually. And that made me think:

Are there any sermons that YOU have enjoyed time and time again? I thought it would be great to have a thread where people could share those sermons that are close to their hearts.

Full Surrender by Mark Greening (sermon starts at 26:50).


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 Re: Rewind and Repeat

Holy Desperation

By Dr Michael Brown


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 Re: Rewind and Repeat

Keith thank you for that sermon, l was blessed by it and thought it powerful. It was good to hear holiness preached like that in our times.

I did disagree with him at end, in that he said that people could do their surrendering later. That is something where Satan will come and try to delay us by saying later later, but God's word says Today is the day of our salvation and whenever we feel God moving in us, we should react straight away.

That was a major point during the holiness movement but it was probably misused and too much pressure put on folks. But there should be a warning that any delay at all in our spirits is bad.

I find that present day or in the last 60 years or so, most preachers who are speaking with anointing like Mark, are still lacking in the discernment of previous speakers from true revival times and although their teaching is of benefit, like Poonan and Wilkinson, they are missing the mark on the finer points, and when one is in a place where God is moving powerfully in our lives, there us a great danger of us being misled so although the writings of previous saints is not so easy to read, the ones who taught holiness in revival times is more likely to help us navigate the waters more securely.

So for this reason, l have found much more help from writers such as the early Quakers, Finny some of Wesley, etc but a lot of error since 1950ish. So few since then witness to walking without sinning and it being confirmed by people who knew them.

So sad to hear that Mark's marriage failed though and how Satan got him.

 2016/5/25 5:11


To add.... I think that Mark was wrong when he cancelled appointments with his wife to have a night out, with one of them that he did not even phone her and left her waiting when all it would have taken was a two minute call. God bless her she was patient but who knows whether these things served to disrupt their relationship and over time give her the message that she was not important.

I believe that pride was at the basis of this, as surely he knew someone locally who could have met this person and given them the gospel until he was free to see them the next day. It is always Satan who makes us do things like this - making things seem like urgent and that no-one lese can do them.

 2016/5/25 7:49


"I think that Mark was wrong when he cancelled appointments with his wife to have a night out, with one of them that he did not even phone her and left her waiting when all it would have taken was a two minute call."

Sister how do you know these details of his private life...just curious?

I am assuming he mentions these things in his sermon? Even so I do not think it is healthy for us to be discussion the intricacies of another mans private life on a public forum. And it is especially wrong for us to assume anything about his failed marriage. We know none of the details and even if we did we should not discuss them publicly.

I hope I am not being too harsh...and for what it is worth, on a general note, it is true that satan will exploit any and all weaknesses in our lives, especially as it pertains to maintaining a balance between home life and ministry.

 2016/5/25 8:06


Mark he said these things and I believe that it is good for us to learn from the mistakes of others. I did say that we do not know the full facts.

 2016/5/25 8:07


Understood sister and I agree with you, we can and should learn from the mistakes of others.

On your general note about marriage. It is very easy for those in ministry or business or busy about many things to neglect their wife and children. This is a common thing today and leads to many divorces. I wish it were not so. I have always maintained that if a man is going to take a wife for himself then he must love and care for her as a true "husbandman" would do with the vine. Some wives will just never change because they refuse to come to the Lord and submit to Him in the first place. But a loving husband who is in tune with the Lord can by the grace of God help to turn around even a marriage that has been broken by infidelity. Love is the key, love is the answer...because love never fails.

Having said that I do understand that some people are just unable to continue in a marriage after infidelity. I do not know what I would do in such a case and I pray that I will never have to face such a horrible situation.

Not every situation about infidelity is cut and dried and the wronged spouse is never to blame for their partner cheating on them. But in some cases, taking better care of our spouse could perhaps have prevented tragedy. If a man neglects his wife...and I mean really neglects her until she is just the "help-meet"...little more than an unpaid servant at home and a baby factory...then it is little wonder that satan is able to mess with that woman's head.

On the other side of the coin, I have seen men who have been abused by an unsubmissive, unruly wife who hen-pecks their husband to death and never gives him a moments rest. He is never good enough and is never appreciated by his wife for providing for their family. Satan will take such a twisted marriage and bring enormous temptation before such a man.

Anyway not even sure why I am rambling, perhaps the Lord wanted me to write such things this morning for the benefit of someone going through a difficult marriage right now?

EDIT: I apologize for hi-jacking this thread. Keith, would you like me to delete this and start a new thread about marriage?

 2016/5/25 8:39


This is true brother and it has always been a common problem that preachers will neglect their families and even go on missions oversees when they have young children, even the most popular preachers, but they are displaying pride.

God can replace anyone who has heavy family commitments and send single people. If anyone chooses the married life and parenthood they must fulfill their responsibilities at home first.Their children will not need them forever and their wives will cope much more easily when they don't have children to attend to.

 2016/5/25 11:36


While I agree that family is a "first calling" to a husband & father, by these parameters you have set up, many of the greatest missionaries of all times were in the wrong (which I don't think is the case). Men like William Carey (India), Adonirum Judson (Myanmar), John Wesley, and on and on. While our responsibility to our family is great & of primary importance, the whole "he who loves his father, brother, mother, etc. more than me must hate his father, brother, sister, wife child (etc.) & take up his cross & follow me". And then there's the "let him who has a wife (& children) live as though he had none..." Etc. So it's a balance & God's calling in both areas (family & ministry) is key. Saying single people should go & married people stay is neither Biblical (-ly balanced) nor historical. The apostles were married with children too.
The question is of priority & not neglecting any of the Lord's callings for the man of God. Taken too far either way, it can just be human reasoning IMHO.
God Bless,

And my statements were just in relation to the recent broad-brush statements in posts, not the OP - FYI

 2016/5/25 14:01


While there is much to learn from general principles and advice on how to balance life, there is little to be gained by examining the marriages of others unless they themselves open up and become brutally honest and transparent.

Along those lines I have never read anything from Tozer himself as to whether he would have liked to live differently with his wife, but I did read less than flattering comments from her about her late husband. Actually in a way they were a backhanded compliment. She said after she remarried that she was sure her new husband loved her but with regard to A.W. she was not so sure, but she knew beyond doubt that he did love the Lord. Not sure if that is an exact quote but something like that.

 2016/5/25 14:33

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