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 Memories From the Jesus Movement

Katherine Kuhlman, Chuck Smith, and Lonnie Frisbee:

Blaine, you are going to enjoy this!!


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 Re: Memories From the Jesus Movement

Mike truly did bring back memories brother. The hippie brother who was saved reminded me so much of the testimonies that came out of the Jesus movement. Thank you for posting.

Brother not to promote my own messages or to my own horn. But in the SI archives is a message that I gave on a Prayer call. The message is entitled A Testimony of the Jesus Movement and the Need for Gathering. Otherwise just put my name in the search box. And the message will come up. You might enjoy listening to it brother. I reminisce about the Jesus movement and the sweet Fellowship we enjoyed.

Brother Blaine

 2016/5/24 18:06

Joined: 2006/11/26
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Brother Blaine,

I did listen to your message in which I believe contains many strong points on how not to quench the Spirit and put a screeching halt to a move of God.
I also agree with what you had to share on the fellowship of the saints.

In the early 70’s as the Spirit of God was moving powerfully among the young people that had forsaken the organized church, there was a powerful
Outpouring on just about every denomination, where people were being baptized in the Spirit. This was even taking place in the Catholic church
Through the Charismatic prayer meetings. I was saved by hearing a Spirit filled Priest who was preaching the need to have a personal relationship with
Jesus Christ.

As Brother Blaine mentioned in his message, the fellowship among believers was sweet, usually over a meal, and this took place most nights of the week.

I agree with what Brother Blaine shared about man keeping his hands off of a move of God. I remember the Shepherding movement, in which well meaning
Men attempting to correct problems and bring discipline actually brought many saints into legalistic bondage.

We need strong leaders that will not try to control everything, but that are sensitive to the Holy Spirit, and allow the Body to function in freedom with Jesus as
The only Head.


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 Re: Jesus Freaks!

The term "Jesus Freaks" was coined by the media and was one phrase we didn't care much for. We knew beyond a doubt something extraordinary and profound had happened to us that went way beyond just changing the way we saw things and having run out of heroes so to speak now we were freaks for Jesus. It didn't even come close to describing thr real salvation takling place ion many many lives. We weren't Jesus Freaks. We were freshly born again sons and daughters of God.

David Winter

 2016/5/25 7:42Profile

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