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 New to Sermon Index

My name is Scott, and I am delighted to be a member of such an encouraging group. I have already been edified and challenged by listening to sermons and by posts of members. I love being a part of a group who loves our Lord Jesus Christ and his word.
Here is a bit of my salvation testimony. My mother was part of a dead mainline denomination and married my stepfather (a Unitarian) when I was six. We went to that their services for awhile but quit going because it was too liberal for my mom. Through a housekeeper, I was influenced by Jehovah's Witnesses, So essentially I grew up as a child vague belief in one God, and little else.
During my first year of college I attended a few meetings of a Christian group because they were different in a good, attractive way. Some of them wrote to me over the Summer (that impressed me), but wrote as if I were saved, so their letters seemed strange. For instance, I remember thinking, "What does 'in Christ' mean?"
One of the guys in the group witnessed to me a great deal and we debated incessantly about the Trinity. I am thankful to say, that the power of God's word and the Holy Spirit won out as he showed me the Trinity in the Bible. It was then that I repented and trusted in Jesus Christ and his saving work on the cross. Glory to God!
(Rom. 10:9-10)


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 Re: New to Sermon Index

Welcome Scott! Greetings in Jesus' Name!

It sounds like the enemy tried hard to expose you to cultish versions of the Truth in Jesus! But, when God has His heart set on someone, He gets them!

I hope you find the forums as refreshing and beneficial as I do. There are mighty fine people here!


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 Re: New to Sermon Index

Brother Scott,

Enjoyed that part of your testimony:)
Thank you for introducing yourself in such a way and I hope you find this fellowship helps you to continue to grow in Christ:)
It's been a huge help to me!

Is there any particular sermon that has impacted you or you just enjoyed more than others ?


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 Re: New to Sermon Index

Welcome Scott, may God bless you and guide you,

 2016/5/23 22:39

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L. Ravenhill's "Hell Has no Exits" has particularly impacted me, as well as some of D. Campbell's messages like "When God Came Down". These are convicting and challenging.
As to this fellowship, I am so glad that it is a place of encouragement and not tearing down. There is too much of the latter in the world. I appreciate brothers and sisters here who are not satisfied in sitting where they were with the Lord, but hunger for him as they grow spiritually.
Thanks for your encouragement.



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 brother Scott

God bless, God love and God welcome you here.

I have only two things to give you, my brotherly love and a 12 minute compilation, entitled " A KingDom of Priests", so that we know who we are IN CHRIST.

I pray this edifies you;

much love, neil

 2016/5/24 5:13

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