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Whenever the Holy Spirit gets through to us, it usually is "quite a moment".

 2016/5/24 18:54

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Whenever the Holy Spirit gets through to us, it usually is "quite a moment".

And I don't care where I'm at or who's around when it happens! I've given God complete carte blanche to do whatever He wants, whenever He wants. I trust Him that much. Tears, embarrassment, humiliation, laughter, shouts of praise... it makes no difference to me anymore. If it's for my good and His glory, that's all I want. I will praise Him at all times, in all things. And I don't censor my speech around anyone anymore. Don't get me wrong, I'm not "preachy" or "praise the Lord-ing" every five minutes but, when it's appropriate and natural, I'm not ashamed. The responses so far have been positive, but isn't that the usual way God "warms you up" before the negative nellies chime in?! I'm not worried about that either!

I woke up determined to surrender all worrying. I asked for the Holy Spirit to help me and I was surprised at the different forms worry shows up in! I had JOY! That's how I learned to concentrate on Him instead of sin. You know what's in the middle of sin? "i". (As in ME!)


 2016/5/24 19:12Profile


Keith wrote: Thank you for caring, Brenda. Your encouragement is a gift and I'm grateful!

My sensitivity to sin is something I'm definitely cultivating as a habit. The overthinking part is something I have to continually surrender and be careful with because it can easily turn into works or stagnation from thinking the situation to the point where I "freeze" and fear making ANY decision in case I make the wrong one.

YOU SAID: "How is that possible some would say?"

Reading/Hearing phrases like that ALWAYS puts a smile on my face! I LIVE for impossible moments! That may sound like my driveway doesn't go all the way to the road, but it's true.

I grew up VERY naive and sheltered. That resulted in immediately trusting people. Yes, I got burned and learned lessons the hard way, but the woman who led me to Jesus told me something I've never forgotten: "Jesus is the best friend you'll ever have. (She knew I didn't have any friends.) He will never let you down. You can trust Him."

When I came to Jesus at 17, it was most definitely with the faith of a child. In fact, when I think of Jesus, that's the first thing I think of is how safe I am with Him and that childlike, immediate trust that "My Dad can do ANYTHING!" has never faded.
God's definitely honored that and I've experienced many miracles and times of rewarded faith!

So, when I hear something is "impossible," I get to believing! Even if the thing doesn't happen, I know I grew in the process and that any faith put into action never comes back void when you also trust Him for the results.

You said: By the way, l also experienced not understanding how people were so at ease socially and knew the right thing to say but found out much later it was not just though abuse but also because of being on the autistic spectrum.

Huge anxiety issues there which the Lord takes away when we are in full union.

That's a lot rougher situation than I had to go through. I was never socially awkward, didn't know what to say, or experience anxiety issues. I just stopped saying anything because it usually met with abuse. It just made me sad, not anxious.

The weird thing is, I can't tell you how many times I heard in my life - and still do - "It's hard for me to be around you because I always feel guilty and uncomfortable." I never tried to correct, scold, or tell people they were wrong about things. But I knew right from wrong and was never afraid to stand up for what's right. When people asked me questions about my life, I would just answer them. To some I was a goody-two-shoes and it made them mad. Some, I've come to understand, felt convicted of their sin. I've even been seriously asked several times if I was an angel! ROFL

So, for me, growing up, I think God's hedge of protection around me was SO strong that people saw Jesus in me -- all to His glory because it had nothing to do with me whatsoever!

(Lower case brackets [ then ] and/quote before the closing set).

I identify with trusting people too much. It has been a great problem for me. And also what you say about being hurt by believers. This has been my greatest trial too espcially a pastor who was really nasty with me because I was just open and honest with him and said that I did not feel supported by his congregation. I guess that hurt his pride.

Spiritual abuse is the worst I think and takes some getting over but it is vital that we are not concerned whether we get approval or love from others or not and only look to God for it and especially for those who are hard set on being close to Christ and Satan attacks them this way with misunderstandings and lack of support.

That is interesting what you said about others being convicted of their sins in your presence as I have heard this from unsaved people on the spectrum too as they have an innocence that neurotypicals do not have. They do not pick up early on that in order to survive socially you must please people and not be entirelly honest and definitely not be blunt lol People hate the truth and aspies speak the truth!

We have things deep in our hearts that only God can access and we can think that we have overcome things then they come back round and we see that the root was still there.

I just want to encourage you to trust in the Lords working in you and not strive. If we have a broken and contrite spirit God can achieve the work quickly and we will be in a position where there is rest and no striving. It comes as natural as breathing. Please God restore me.

 2016/5/25 8:04

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