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 Church of Scotland votes in favour of ministers in gay marriages

The Church of Scotland has voted to allow its gay ministers to marry.

The General Assembly meeting in Edinburgh voted 339 votes to 215 to update church law to bring it in line with secular Scottish law. The church already recognised ministers and deacons in same-sex civil partnerships and has today extended that to cover same-sex marriage.

The Church said in a statement immediately after the vote that the decision "does not compromise the Church's traditional view of marriage as a union between one man and one woman."

And it does not mean church ministers will be able to register same-sex civil partnerships or solemnise same-sex marriages themselves. ...

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SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

 2016/5/22 7:33Profile

 Re: Church of Scotland votes in favour of ministers in gay marriages

Dear Saints of the True and Living God,
Our Loving Father, His Only Begotten Son Jesus Christ
And the Blessed Holy Spirit,

My heart is grieved over the continual degradation of institutions that were birthed in truth and holiness.
I was reading in Nehemiah today about how the people had been in bondage and now only a remnant remained to build the temple. Nehemiah cries out in repentance for the children of Israel.
Now we as Christians are in the same experience as the once honored and godly men and women of denominational churches cave in to sin and compromise.
This last year I was in a Presbyterian Church and learned of my "Scottish heritage" in Christ. There are a few faithful people hanging onto their beloved Presbyterian roots, and the Lord took me there to love and pray for those left. However after about 8 months, the Lord has taken away the peace and the desire to stay there. It is a sinking ship. Most seem to want to go down with the ship rather than grab a life saver, the Life Saver Himself, Jesus.

My father's grandparents came from Scotland. Sadly they left whatever godly inheritance they had with the Church of Scotland and sailed away with some Mormon missionaries to the land of promise. Yes, Mormon's were proselytizing overseas in the late 1800's.

As much as I appreciate my heritages, I find that pretty much I have had to leave them all for Jesus Christ. For His family is my family and my heritage is found in the Word of God and his people.

I thank God for this "virtual" website where there is true fellowship. Maybe this is as good as its going to get! I don't know, but I do believe the remnant is longing to worship in Spirit and in Truth and experience fellowship and communion with the saints. That is the "rebuilding" of the Temple, His Body.

May our Scottish and Presbyterian friends come to Him.
Sis Les

 2016/5/22 12:37


Sister check out Gospel Grace Baptist Church. They meet around Liberty Park there in Salt Lake. I have had some contact with the pastors there. They preach Jesus through His word. The worship is very Christ centered. They sing a mixture of the hymns and Psalms and spiritual songs.

Just Google gospel Grace Church in Salt Lake and you will see more of what they offer. You can also listen to some of their audio messages.

Hope this is encouraging to you.

Brother Blaine


Gospel Grace is not one of the many fundy King James Baptist churches that you find in the Salt Lake area. But more of a solid Christ word centered fellowship. They also have gospel outreach into the Liberty Park area during the summer.

Again my sister I hope this is helpful to you.

Bro. Blaine


I hope you had a chance to listen to the beautiful hymn by Fernando Ortega. I know you like Fernando. He does a beautiful job singing Stricken, Smitten and Afflicted. A beautiful, rich hymn about the death of Jesus on the cross for us sinners.

 2016/5/22 13:51

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Scotland, UK


I didn't expect the Carpet Warehouse to act in any other way...

Colin Murray

 2016/5/22 17:18Profile


Bro Blaine,
Thank you for the information on Grace Church.
I will most definitely go visit. Yes, I have listened to Ortega's hymn
It is most beautiful. I had not heard it before. And thank you for
praying for the harvest of souls in Utah.

Bro Colin,
Have you any fellowship of the saints there in Scotland?
I will pray for you :-)
Sister Leslie

 2016/5/23 2:52


Sadly, many Christians in Scotland have considered mainline denominations dead for a long time, long before the homosexual issue. This will be of little surprise to many of them but of course again, it will be a challenge for the genuine saints that still remain within the walls if the Church of Scotland. One of my mums friends told her she shall remain part of the denomination until they send a gay minister to her church. I find that quite sad. Yet, it bears remembering that so many saints histories go back centuries in these denominations and therefore it would be a tremendous wrench to leave.

Yet that will be the choice laid before every saint before the Lord returns I believe. How far are you willing to follow the Truth and the Truth alone? Of course the reformers faced the exact same situation. Now, ironically the "Protestants," are faced with this again. In the end, saints will be saints and they will persevere with the Truth but they will pay a price and a heavier one moving forward.................bro Frank

 2016/5/23 9:31

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