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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Pray for this law in OK to pass. Abortions to be illegal, doctors face 3 years prison

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To enact a law that bans abortion sound so pro-life and maybe it is. But the reality is that the only reason abortion is a profitable business is because of the demand for it....and you may be surprised how many of those are religious people! If the people in churches would get down and repent of all of their sins, the abortion business would dry up. But then church attendance is drying up, too. SIGH

On the heels of the legalization of AB you had the sexual revolution that popularized free-sex-for-all and the results will be aborted. The problem is not abortion. It is sin and it is displayed by people engaging in illicit sex. Period. Get people to repent of it and there will be no business for abortionists. True, there are married females aborting their children but most of the time it is because a child will interfere with their career or because the husband absolutely (or maybe the wife) does not want another child. People have cursed children, just like 2Peter tells us.

In my state abortion may be frowned upon, but having a baby out-of-wedlock is not. Consider this: "The 2012 Mississippi Health Department report on live births provides some disturbing trends. 55% of all live births are born to unmarried mothers. The statistic provides mirrors the racial divide in Mississippi as well: 80% of black live births are born to unwed mothers while 35% of white live births are as well. There are five counties where the unwed birthrate is over 80%." (

The stigma of having a child out of wedlock has been lost. This dovetails right in the loss of fear of God.

If you really want to know how bad it is, go work in a crises pregnancy center for several years...they say the average volunteer lasts only about two years...guess why.


Sandra Miller

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