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 Encouragement for Brother Greg

I'm getting ready to write, and in my procrastinating way, a thought suddenly occured to me; put the word "sermon" into the google search box and see where our beloved sermonindex winds "sermon" is a pretty generic word.......drum roll, was seventh out of 6,090,000 entries!

That is huge! You're cyber-literate, so you gotta know what that means....HUGE!!

God bless you Greg.

 2005/5/25 15:30

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 Re: Encouragement for Brother Greg

Wow! ... Praise the Lord ... :-D

And if we ALL want to make sure that SI stays there then please as faithful stewards of our Lord, concider your financial support of this most important ministry ... Amen

Please see ...
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Thanks for the thread and bringing to my attention and others. Yes God is doing a remarkable work through this site and I can't believe I am a part of it. Who would ever know this site would be in the forefront for people seeking after quality audio sermons on the internet. :-)
Results [b]7[/b] of about 6,090,000 for sermon


Bless you brother. Yes I try not to ask for support for this site and there has been some people who have stopped supporting for various reasons so it would be great to get alot more people willing to support SI monthly. If God puts it on your heart you can do this via the donation page using your credit card:

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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