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 Re: Very disturbing prayer request

Cannot imagine the depth of the horror that fills these parents' heart. LORD, have mercy! And I suspect this type of thing will increase. How it should behoove parents to intensify their teaching of the children.

Will pray as the Holy Spirit reminds me.


Sandra Miller

 2016/5/18 18:02Profile

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SK Canada


So sad to find this post here as I have similar issues heavily on my heart and mind. Truly the enemy is working overtime to destroy our children!


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 Re: Durango, CO

Dear brothers and sisters. For those of you who have prayed for this family, please intensify your prayers today and tonight. The two children are attending a very satanic death metal concert TONIGHT and the mother called me and asked for prayer. They are also considering inviting me to come and minister to their family. The father is not sure though. The reason is obvious, because he also needs a massive spiritual breakthrough in his life. I am open to whatever the Lord wants me to do for Him but would also like to connect them with other godly families in their area.

Does anyone know of other God seekers in Durango Colorado that I might be able to connect with while I am there?

 2016/5/24 7:50

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My wife mentioned this' sermon where the preacher testified how they received breakthrough with their family during a similar crisis.

I don't usually post links, but think that this situation warrants it.

The pastor first lays the groundwork, and shared his testimony at the end (at around 30 minutes).



J Kruger

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Mark, I believe we need to pray specifically for the father in this family; as I am sure you are well aware, the enemy cannot get to a family unless he goes through the father or head of household first. The breach needs to be repaired through him. I am praying that the Lord will be able to minister to him through you and that he comes to brokenness leading to repentance in his own life. Then he'll be able to take authority over the enemy for his family.


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Praying very specifically today....I agree about praying for the father. Pls keep us updated...

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Should have mentioned, Times Square Church has their prayer service tonite from 7-8:30pm EST. You may want to post a request on their site. Often with more urgent requests, they will read them aloud and it goes all over the internet....

 2016/5/24 11:44Profile


Thank you all for these suggestions and continued prayers!

 2016/5/24 13:13

 Re: Mark

Brother personally I did not know any Believers in the Durango Colorado area. But I think God does have a rembant people there. If you do some Googling you will should find some Christ Centered churches in Durango. One I came across is called Grace Church they appear to be solid. Another one is called Gospel Church I did not check their website. But perhaps they are solid also.

My recommendation is google for churches in Durango CO. Then pray about where the Spirit would lead you. Or just step out on faith and ask the Lord to direct you to a Christ-centered felliwship.

Hope this helps, bro.

 2016/5/24 14:41

 Re: brother Blaine

Good suggestions, thank you brother Blaine!

 2016/5/24 17:05

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