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 Very disturbing prayer request

Dear saints,
I just received this text message from some old friends with children the same age as ours:

"My son tried to kill himself again last night, my daughter has had her breasts cut off trying to b a man. Lord what is going on with my family!!!!!!!?????? Can someone in the Body help me?"

My wife and I just called them and wept with them as we prayed for God to deliver and heal. They are a mess but God is still willing and still able to do miracles!!!

Please pray for them as the Lord lays them on your heart this week, thank you.

 2016/5/17 13:01

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 Re: Very disturbing prayer request

Lord, deliver these from the evil one and bring them to your kingdom. Sustain their parents who are your children.


 2016/5/17 13:04Profile


Lord help these people, protect the children.

 2016/5/17 13:51

 Re: Very disturbing prayer request

Oh wow. Will definitely pray. As the father of 7, the very thought of such things makes my heart ache for them.

 2016/5/17 14:00

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 2016/5/17 15:20Profile


Very disturbing indeed , sounds demonic.
They might need solid Biblical counseling and help
May the Lord give you His wisdom
Will pray ! - blessings

 2016/5/17 18:43

 Re: thank you

Thank you dear brothers and sisters for your prayers. I have no doubt that this is very demonic, but we are praying and believing for a breakthrough for them. They live in the Durango, CO area if anyone knows of someone who might be nearby to visit them and encourage them?

 2016/5/17 19:14

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 Re: Very disturbing prayer request

Pls send your warring angels to break ungodly soul ties over this family and send your healing balm into their midst. I pray for peace and Your BLOOD to cover them and run through their veins in JESUS name.


 2016/5/17 22:01Profile

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 Re: Very disturbing prayer request

May the Lord Himself show Himself as Redeemer and God for you and your Family.Amen.


 2016/5/18 10:03Profile

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Hemel Hempstead


Praying that is scary

Dominic Shiells

 2016/5/18 10:27Profile

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